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People can download an app that will transform their phone into an old school iPod

Rachel Lang

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People can download an app that will transform their phone into an old school iPod

Featured Image Credit: EllyAwesome/TikTok. Trevor Mogg / Alamy Stock Photo

People are able to go back a bit in time and soak up the nostalgia of the old school iPod.

While most people wouldn't be caught dead with technology that old, seeing that scrollable trackpad for volume is sparking some major feelings in people around the world.

In lieu of actually going out and buying an iPod from the '00s, you can now transform your current iPhone into one.


Yep, just like that song by Anne-Marie: "It's never been better, than the summer of 2002."

And yes, we are aware that the original iPod came out in 2001, but this writer likes the 2002 analogy so it's staying.


TikTokker EllyAwesomeTech has pulled together a few clips on how the app works, and hoo boy, it is taking us back to being back on the school bus.


Just with less bullying and a little more lunch money.

Elly summed it up in the opening line of her TikTok explainer: "Sweet nostalgia, the iPod is back!

"You can download an app to make your iPhone feel like an iPod... and yes you can adjust the volume with clicky, scroll wheel and it has the tactile, bumpy-vibraty feels."


She added: "A couple of people [were] gatekeeping this, but not me! Look up 'Retro Pod' on the App Store.

"It’s totally free [and] it's quick and easy to install."

Ah, but there is a catch: it doesn’t work for Spotify.


"I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I mean let’s be real, it kind of makes sense," the TikTokker explained in the clip.

"iPod/Apple Music [so] kind of like iTunes [and for that] it works a damn treat."

But never fear, Spotify users. There is a workaround.

"If you’re looking for an alternative though... in Safari type in iPod.js."


Elly added: "Some awesome person has made a browser version of this. It’s not quite the same and it doesn’t have the tactile clickies."

Boo, we love a tactile clickie moment. But, as we've learnt in recent years, you can't have it all.

As for the app, you can bet your bottom dollar we gave it a crack in the UNILAD office.

Retro Pod comes with four options on the home screen: random play, music, settings and now playing.

And, although this writer is a Spotify user, we can vouch that this is an official - and welcome - blast from the past.

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Rachel Lang
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