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Gypsy Rose's boyfriend carried out his 'sexual fantasy' immediately after murdering her mother
Featured Image Credit: HBO

Gypsy Rose's boyfriend carried out his 'sexual fantasy' immediately after murdering her mother

Nick Godejohn was convicted of first degree murder for killing Gypsy Rose's mum

Gypsy Rose's boyfriend revealed that he carried out his 'sexual fantasy' immediately after murdering her mother.

Back in 2015, Nick Godejohn murdered his girlfriend's mum, Dee Dee Blanchard, stabbing her multiple times.

Police found the body several days later at her Missouri home after someone posted to their joint Facebook page, writing 'that b***h is dead'.

At the time there was no sign of Gypsy Rose and cops initially thought that she had been abducted.

However, after tracking the IP address of the social media post to Wisconsin they found Gypsy Rose and Godejohn, who were later arrested in connection to Blanchard's death.

It also led to disturbing details about the mother-daughter relationship being uncovered.

Blanchard had previously claimed that her daughter was unwell and suffering with sever cognitive issues from early childhood.

However, doctors found that there appeared to be nothing the matter with her, and found no evidence of the ailments or issues her mother had described.

Gypsy Rose is set to be released from prison in 2025, but she could leave slightly sooner depending on parole.
ABC News

It was later believed by experts that Blanchard had something called Munchausen by proxy syndrome, which is a mental illness that involves a parent or guardian faking symptoms to make it appear that their child is sick.

Gypsy Rose and Godejohn met one another on a Christian chat room, and quickly became close.

And with Blanchard disapproving of their relationship the pair conspired to murder her, police concluded.

Godejohn was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, and Gypsy Rose was convicted of second-degree murder.

She was sentenced to 10 years in prison but is up for parole later this year.

Speaking about the killing in the Oxygen documentary Killer Couples, Godejohn opened up about the night of the murder.

He revealed that minutes after he killed Blanchard, he carried out one of his sexual fantasies, with Gypsy Rose cleaning blood from a wound on his finger and the pair having sex.

Looking back at that night, Godejohn said the red mist came down and that he had no way of controlling his anger towards her mother.

Nick Godejohn says he has no regrets over the murder.

"The very second I put my foot down, I had one of those moments that you might only have once in your lifetime," he explained.

"It was an angel and the devil. First, the angel spoke — it actually said, ‘Take her and run', and then you had the other part of me, that darn devil. What he ended up telling me was, ‘This b***h is dead'.

"I got so darn enraged that something inside of me clicked. Unfortunately, that part of me wanted to come out for a very long time and the very first opportunity it got, it didn’t waste any time. That dark shadow part of me that really is triggered by anger; once that anger clicks, I see red."

However, when asked if he had any regrets, the killer said no.

Adding: "I would’ve done it again. I might have done it differently but I would’ve done it again. I couldn’t see [Gypsy Rose] suffer anymore."

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