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Newspaper From 1963 Reveals How Americans Felt About A Female President 59 Years Ago

Newspaper From 1963 Reveals How Americans Felt About A Female President 59 Years Ago

A 1963 November issue of the Minneapolis Tribune poses a question to three men and two women: 'Would a woman be a good president?'

A newspaper from 1963 reveals how Americans felt about a female President 59 years ago.

Back in the 60s, sexism was prevalent in American society and the way women were viewed back then has certainly changed in 2022 - although some would argue a lot more still needs to be done.

Well, a November 1963 issue of the Minneapolis Tribune, puts forward a question to three men and two women: "Would a woman be a good President?"

In the 'Just Ask' section, reporter Duane Braley photographed five locals and asked them if a woman would be a good President. 

Minneapolis Tribune

"No. Today their mind is one way and the next day, it changes," said a man named Frank Kapma.

"No. I don't have that much faith in women to let them run the country," answered Tom Romanowski.

"No. A woman in is too likely to give in. They might not stand their ground when they should," replied a woman only named as Mrs. Tom Romanowski.

"No," agreed Mrs. Maureen Mellum. "A man is more responsible. Women have enough problems without being President."

Four out of five people were totally against a female President.

The only outlier with pretty progressive views for the time, was Vern Hause of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Minneapolis Tribune

"She couldn't do any worse than some we've had," he said.

After the clipping went viral a couple years ago, Twitter were applauding Vern for his comment, the Daily Mail reports.

"Admire the cynical, begrudging wokeness of Vern Hause," wrote one.

Another said: "Vern had a good mama, champs for sisters, and married well."

A third tweeted: "Vern's a good egg."

Another commented: "In a world full of Franks and Toms, be a Vern."

One more added: "Vern had the vision."

Another said: "Vern was a man ahead of his time. The others - jeez."

However, some were disappointed the women, as well as the men, also had sexist views.

One wrote: "Even the women were so conditioned to feel they were inferior. So. Damn. Sad."

Others pointed out that 'Mrs. Tom' didn't even get her own name.

"'Mrs. Tom' forfeited both her last name AND her first name to Tom," tweeted one.

Although there's never been a female US President, Kamala Harris is the first ever female US Vice President to Joe Biden and the highest-ranking female official in US history, as well as the first African American/Asian American Vice President.

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Featured Image Credit: Minneapolis Tribune/Alamy

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