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New York mailman charged with cocaine distribution after allegedly making 'special deliveries'

New York mailman charged with cocaine distribution after allegedly making 'special deliveries'

One mailman has been charged with drug distribution

A mailman is now facing charges of drug distribution following alleged 'special deliveries'.

The man in question, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, confessed to the distribution of drugs whilst on shift.

Three packages have since been found - with each containing copious amounts of cocaine.

The 35-year-old has been charged with cocaine distribution.
Zewardy Lewis/Facebook

Zerwardy Lewis, 35, had been working as a letter carries for the United States Postal Service since 2013.

However, the 35-year-old has now been charged with drug distribution whilst working for the delivery service.

The decision, made by Brooklyn Federal Court, came about yesterday (3 February) following the US Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General's testimony that Lewis had allegedly delivered at least three packages in December of last year.

The packages in question were found to have held kilos of cocaine.

Lewis' case first opened up when authorities decided to search through the contents of a package, which was on its way to Bedford-Stuyvesant from the Caribbean.

Upon tracking, it was found that there were two other packages that hailed from the same sender with addresses also in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area.

Lewis was found to have delivered those two packages whilst on the job.

Lewis allegedly electronically received $500 dollars per delivery.
Zewardy Lewis/Facebook

Court papers also showed that Lewis was also financially compensated for his deliveries.

He would apparently electronically receive $500 dollars (£417) in payment from an account with the name, Evangeline Nery.

With a team investigating Lewis' movements, they had watched Nery hand over a bag to him before later getting it back from his delivery truck, Special Agent Kyle Knieste said.

The bag was later found to contain a whole lot of evidence against both Lewis and Nery, namely a kilogram of cocaine.

Officials also searched through Nery's phone upon which they found 'messages with pictures, postal receipts, and packages like the ones Lewis had been delivering', Knieste wrote.

The street value of one package was $60,000.
Radharc Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Lewis was subsequently taken into custody where he allegedly admitted to the cocaine deliveries in return for the half a grand payment from Nery.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the package stands at a staggering street value of approximately $60,000 (around £49,700).

Reaching record levels just a few years ago, the UN office stated: "The output of global cocaine manufacture doubled between 2014 and 2019 to reach an estimated 1,784 tons in 2019, the highest level ever recorded."

Both Lewis and Nery have been charged with cocaine distribution due to their connection with the deliveries.

Court records also show that Lewis was released on a $100,000 bond a day after his arrest (February 4) alongside Nery, who was released from custody following a $50,000 bond.

UNILAD has contacted USPS for comment.

Lewis' attorney, Michael Galluzzo, declined to comment.

Featured Image Credit: Zewardy Lewis/Facebook

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