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Man 'buys' $30,000 house on Amazon and people are divided
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@gilgra2023/David McNew/Getty Images

Man 'buys' $30,000 house on Amazon and people are divided

Not only can you buy fabric shavers, fruit and even a chicken harness on Jeff Bezos' site, but you can now buy a 'tiny house' too.

People are flooding to social media in shock after a man 'bought' a house on Amazon.

Yup, not only can you buy fabric shavers, fruit and veg or even a chicken harness on Jeff Bezos' site, but you can now scroll through and apparently check out some potential properties too.

With many 20-something year olds facing never being able to afford a property in their lifetime - on top of being amid a cost of living crisis - one man has a potential solution to becoming a homeowner.

TikToker Graim - who goes by the username @gilgra2023 - took to his page last week to reveal he'd just 'bought a tiny home off Amazon'.

By 'tiny home', the TikToker means a 'DOINUO Mobile Expandable Prefab House with Prefab House with Restroom, Outdoor."

"We are going to take this and put it on the land that we have," he explains. "And our goal is to put multiple of these there."

Not over the experience, he exclaims: "How you buy a house off Amazon?!"

A man 'bought a tiny home off Amazon'.
TikTok/ @gilgra2023

The mini house cost the TikToker a total of $32,475.00 - the additional $2,475 as a result of 'estimated tax collected'.

However, if you don't fancy spending that much money on a portable home, don't worry, because there's 'multiple sizes you can get,' with Graim showing a $20,000 and $24,000 option too.

But why has he bought a mobile home from the site?

Would you buy a mobile home off Amazon?
TikTok/ @gilfra2023

Well, Graim's goal is to rent out the property for $750-800-a-month.

And if you're planning on doing the same, he claims Amazon is where he's found some of the 'best deals' for mobile homes.

"We're going to get it within the week," he notes. "Literally, within the week this is going to be delivered."

And people are flooding to social media to weigh in on the buy. Prepare to have you eyes opened to a whole new side of Amazon:

One user wrote: "30K for a shed is INSANE."

However, another added: "Utility: Do your diligence, generator until you put in electricity, sewage hookup, water hookup. The outcome is Worth the reward."

A third wrote: "This is out of control."

Alas, the process hasn't turned out quite as easy as the TikToker hoped.

In an update posted yesterday (29 January), Graim explains after the purchase went through, he rung his bank to let them know he'd made a big buy so his card wouldn't decline.

However, according to his video, the purchase came up as 'fraudulent' on his Amazon account and it 'wouldn't let' him purchase the house.

The TikToker's card ended up being charged a whopping seven times and he's been reimbursed for each charge, but his card has had to be locked.

Despite trying to purchase the tiny home 'two more times', Graim hasn't had any luck.

He resolves: "I'm back to the drawing board. [...] Trying to figure it out because that one was one that came and someone I know got it and it unfolded and it was pretty easy to fix."

UNILAD has contacted Amazon for comment.

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