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Man discovered ‘Holy Grail’ storage unit with one item worth up to $40,000
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/storagepirate

Man discovered ‘Holy Grail’ storage unit with one item worth up to $40,000

After buying three storage units which used to belong to one owner, a 'spiritual garbageman' hit the 'jackpot'.

People are flooding to social media in awe after a TikToker revealed a 'holy grail' find they made in a storage unit.

When you first think of storage units, you probably view them as an eerie location that crops up in horror films, the locker empty apart from a suitcase with a stash of money or a body inside - which one family found out in a rather horrifying manner.

However, not all storage units are scary and some can actually provide rather exciting opportunities - as one man found out earlier this year.

A TikToker who goes by the name Storage Auction Pirate - @storagepirate - took to his page earlier this week to reveal how he came across 'the holy grail' unit.

Calling himself a 'spiritual garbageman,' the video creator treasure hunts in 'abandoned storage units' in the hopes of finding something which could make him a bit of money.

In a video posted on Wednesday (6 March), the TikToker explains that he bought three units which previously belonged to one owner.

Upon opening one of the units, the spiritual garbageman explains that he can see a 'woodard piece of bench' which he predicts is around $300-400.

However, there's one item which stands out to him far above the rest.

The statue has been identified as potentially the most exciting find so far in the unit.
TikTok/ @storagepirate

The storage pirate quickly hones in on a statue that can be spotted near the front of the unit, which shows the shape of a naked woman with flowing hair and what looks like a wave wrapping around her.

"Let's get to it. Look at this bad boy, this is what I was talking about," he continues. "This thing right here, is probably - it's every bit of 500, but these things go as high as $20, $30, $40 grand by this artist."

Indeed, online, a quick search of the statue shows it to be an 'Auguste Moreau Bronze Statue of Le Cah D'aurorer - the Chariot of Aurora', with another version of it in 'used' condition being sold for $19,290.49 online.

Other boxes contain items such as Fiesta tableware, Christmas decorations, a Kitchen Aid, a dolls house and even more - the TikToker noting he knows there's even more 'valuable' belongings in the unit to be discovered too.

And it's not taken long for people to flood to the post to weigh in on the TikToker's rare find.

One user wrote: "Sweet score ma friend."

"Yoooo," another added.

A third commented: "I need some fun money to do this!!"

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