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Couple who lived in storage unit kicked out after going viral

Couple who lived in storage unit kicked out after going viral

Footage of the couple's life in the storage unit made its way to bosses after going viral

A Pennsylvania couple who shared a video about their experience living in a storage unit have been kicked out after the post went viral.

Leland Brown Jr., from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, shared a video earlier this month in which he explained that he and his partner decided to live in a storage unit because it's 'cheap in comparison to an apartment'.

Brown has a job as a hotel food service worker, but has also garnered thousands of followers on TikTok, where he goes by the handle @fullestness, by opening up about his experiences of homelessness.

After sharing a number of videos about living in a tent, Brown and his girlfriend, Breanna, revealed that they'd decided to move into a storage unit.

Footage from the unit showed how the couple had strategically piled boxes towards the front of the unit to create a barrier behind which they'd hidden a sofa and drawers as part of their living space.

Brown's video about the unit garnered more than 13 million views.

In one of his videos, Brown explained: "Living here is actually really comfortable. I can exercise, I can use the [public] bathroom, it's climate controlled in here so it's nice and warm.

"This unit is 24 hours, so I can come here any time I want [and] stay here as long as I need to."

Brown's posts about life in the unit quickly captured attention from intrigued TikTok users, with one of his posts having garnered more than 13 million views at the time of writing (25 January).

A lot of Brown's viewers were supportive of the couple's idea, with one person pointing out it was 'better' than living outside.

Unfortunately, however, the attention around Brown's post meant that the video ended up making its way to those in charge of the storage unit.

In an update shared last week, he revealed that he and his partner had been 'kicked out' of the unit.

Brown kept his belongings at the storage unit.

"Now we're just trying to figure out where to go and what we're going to do with all of our stuff," Brown said.

"Now all we have is a tent," he added.

Brown has since updated his followers to explain that a benefactor has now paid for Brown and Breanna to stay at a local hotel until they are able to get back on their feet.

Brown has also launched a GoFundMe page, which he says will be 'instrumental in securing a car and a roof over our heads before the next relocation, ensuring a safe and stable environment for [his] son to grow and thrive'.

The dad's eight-year-old son is currently living with his mother.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@fullest_ness

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