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OnlyFans model sues ex-boyfriend for $6.3 billion over alleged revenge porn
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@mikaylasaravia / Instagram/@nickyardy

OnlyFans model sues ex-boyfriend for $6.3 billion over alleged revenge porn

The OnlyFans model is taking her ex to court over the allegations

An OnlyFans model is taking her ex boyfriend to court, accusing him of sharing explicit content on her social media without her consent.

Mikalya Saravia, 25, is suing Nicholas Hunter, 27, for $6.3 billion (£5.1 billion) after he allegedly seized her Twitter and OnlyFans accounts following their break up in October.

The Florida-based model claims Hunter used the accounts to share explicit images after changing the passwords to bar her from accessing them.

In the federal lawsuit, it is claimed that Saravia has two OnlyFans accounts - one with free content and one that users have to pay $30 to access.

It was this latter account that Hunter is accused of taking control over.

Mikalya Saravia is taking her ex Nicholas Hunter to court over claims that he shared explicit videos of her online.

Saravia's lawyer Joseph DiRuzzo claimed that Hunter had sold an X-rated video of Saravia for $35 and images for $10 and $13 in January, among other allegations.

Saravia’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, which promote her OnlyFans content, have over eight million and 655,000 followers, respectively.

The $6.3 billion sum being sought by Saravia equals out to $10,000 per Twitter follower.

DiRuzzo acknowledged that Saravia had posted explicit content before the couple’s breakup, but said that in those cases she was fully consenting to the material being shared and had full control.

The lawyer said: "Just because you consented to an image in the past, it does not mean you’re giving someone permission to post additional content without your consent."

Nicholas Hunter is accused of sharing explicit photos and videos of his ex girlfriend.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the couple are also suing each other in a civil domestic violence suit.

Before the split, Saravia made a lot of money on OnlyFans - reportedly $100,000 a year.

This was in no small due to her infamously large tongue, which is reportedly six and a half inches long.

Hunter was identified in the lawsuit as being in business with Saravia, who was listed as KKVSH, LLC. The former couple also produced YouTube videos together.

Also known as Nick Yardy, Hunter is described by Yahoo as being a 'skilled investor in the stock market in which he has made as much as $15,000 in just one day of trading stocks.'

The article, published in 2020, also mentions Saravia as his most 'successful client'.

It reads: "Hunter manages KKVSH, and successfully grew [Saravia's] account through his innovative growth strategies from a mere 1,000 fans to nearly 5 million.

"He strongly encourages all of his clients to interact with their fans on social media, creating personal relationships and driving engagement while doing so."

UNILAD has reached out to Nicholas Hunter for comment.

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