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Mathematicians work out exact conditions needed for men to climax during sex

Mathematicians work out exact conditions needed for men to climax during sex

Math lessons could soon take a rather weird turn, as mathematicians work out the conditions needed for men to climax.

People who are good at maths, or otherwise known as mathematicians, are good at helping us work out some of the hardest problem solving in the subject.

Whether that is from the dreaded algebra to quadratic equations, they can help out with a lot of stuff that is, quite frankly, too hard for us normal folks.

But one thing we don't exactly expect them to help out with is the exact conditions that are needed for men to climax during sex.

Yep, you read that right. Through the process of mathematics, we now know the path to men achieving an orgasm.

You know that question at school of 'When am I ever going to use this'? Well, this one will bring a whole new dynamic to the subject, but one that would certainly bring a lot of awkwardness between pupils, teachers and of course, parents.

Mathematicians have provided an equation for an answer we've all be looking for.
Jacob Lund / Alamy Stock Photo

The new model consists of the human sexual response cycle excitation, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, which comprised by William Masters and Virginia Johnson back in 1966.

While the data collected by the pair from 10,000 participants only described the four stages in general terms, very similar to models done by other sex researchers, this new research is rather different.

Dr Konstantin Blyuss and Dr Yuliya Kyrychko, of the University of Sussex, have instead used true hard numbers here - no pun intended.

And they revealed all their findings, including the exact conditions needed for men to climax, in their work appropriately titled 'Sex, ducks, and rock 'n' roll'.

Blyuss and Kyrychko applied their experience in epidemiology to analyse the data, which included 10,000 sexual acts and over 300 males participants.

In a statement, Blyuss said: "We have developed the first successful mathematical model of sexual performance.

"Our results cover the physiological and psychological aspects required to reach climax. They reinforce, and mathematically prove, existing studies into the psychology of sex."

The study took general terms from a previous model and went the extra mile.
Jacob Lund / Alamy Stock Photo

From their findings, it appears that wet dreams can inhibit the chance of reaching climax.

"A key finding is that too much psychological arousal early in the process can inhibit the chance of reaching climax,” Blyuss said.

“Simply put, our findings can be summarized as 'don't overthink it.'"

The pair have created two equations that describe whether/when a man will reach climax during sex - one physiological and the other psychological.

For example, the equation takes into consideration whether a man has/is suffering from a spinal injury, which could potentially make it harder for them to climax.

Despite that, no allowance was made for inconsistencies of gender and sex, but it is unclear what impact that would would have on the results.

Featured Image Credit: University of Sussex / Jacob Lund / Alamy

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