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Marjorie Taylor Greene Confuses Hitler’s Secret Police With Cold Soup

Marjorie Taylor Greene Confuses Hitler’s Secret Police With Cold Soup

Republicans must be overjoyed to have such a dizzying intellect as Marjorie Taylor Greene on their side.

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has become the target of plenty of jokes after she confused Hitler's secret police with a type of cold soup.

She made the remarks in a rant about the 'DC gulag' where she claimed that 'Nancy Pelosi's gazpacho police' were spying on members of Congress.

To clarify, gazpacho is a type of cold soup made of raw blended vegetables which originated in Spain and is popular during the summer where the cold soup is especially refreshing during heatwaves.

What Taylor Greene probably meant to say - though we can never be too sure in her case - was 'Gestapo', the brutal secret police of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime that played a significant role in the horrors of the Holocaust.

Per The Guardian, this prompted a wave of jokes at Taylor Greene's expense as plenty took the opportunity to point out the subtle but significant differences between a special type of cold soup and Hitler's secret police force.

One person jokingly said they would 'join her in her fight against both the Gazpacho police and their collaborationist allies in the Vichyssoise', while another joked that 'stupidity, like revenge, is a dish best served cold'.

Meanwhile, senior journalist at The Hill, Sarakshi Rai, wrote: 'I was wondering why everybody in DC was tweeting about gazpacho and now I’m just craving some for dinner.'

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Alamy)
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Alamy)

According to The Independent, Taylor Greene has made herself famous for supporting a series of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, the Covid-19 pandemic and a variety of other issues, so it's not impossible that she really meant to say 'gazpacho police'.

She was recently permanently banned from Twitter for repeatedly tweeting false information about the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines and the number of deaths from the pandemic.

It might also be helpful to point out that neither the Gestapo nor gazpacho are marching around Washington DC attempting to spy on members of Congress.

If any of this has made you curious to try gazpacho there's a nice recipe here, though be aware that it's traditionally a summer dish and it's absolutely freezing at the moment so it might be best to wait for warmer weather.

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