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Man spends $75,000 to become 3 inches taller

Man spends $75,000 to become 3 inches taller

One man has paid a large sum to be just a few inches taller

A man has spent thousands on a procedure that will make him just a few inches taller.

It seems that you definitely can put a price on height and that price tag is definitely hefty.

The patient, hailing from the United States, has recently undertaken a leg-lengthening surgery that made him three inches taller.

Some men will pay thousands to be a few inches taller (stock image).

The middle-aged man will be paying back instalments of $1,200 a month for the next five years to pay back the staggering $75,000 he forked out for the operation, GQ reports.

The patient found out about the procedure on Facebook after seeing it being performed by Kevin Debiparshad, who founded LimbplastX Institute - hailed for its 'World Renowned Limb-Lengthening' - near Las Vegas back in 2016.

Something a little more extreme than just an injection or implant - this leg-lengthening procedure sees patients have both their femurs broken.

Yep - you head that right - the doctor breaks both the patient's thigh bones in order to make room for the insertion of adjustable metal nails that need to be extended by 1mm every day post-op for up to three whole months using a magnetic remote control.

Dr Kevin Debiparshad. performed the $75k procedure on the patient.

Debiparshad stated: "There's a mental discipline that you have to have. It's like training for the marathon."

While, for many, the whole ordeal sounds way too graphic to even consider, this patient was clearly sold on the concept.

He told GQ: "People just look at you differently when you're tall. I already get a lot more looks at the gym.

"I noticed that taller people just seem to have it easier. The world seems to bend for them."

While the patient is clearly enjoying his life three inches taller, it's no surprise that the leg-lengthening surgery comes with more than just a few set-backs.

Whether it's the 'long and taxing' recovery time or that the new bodily 'proportions can look a little weird, especially when you’re naked' according to GQ - many simply cannot wrap their heads around the radical surgery choice.

Upon catching light of the procedure in a Reddit forum, many couldn't wait to share their reactions to the leg-lengthening procedure.

The surgery involves having both of your legs broken.

One Reddit user made a comparison between the leg surgery and other cosmetic procedures: "This is the male equivalent to breast implants."

Another took the opportunity to remind people that the grass isn't always greener on the other side: "75k to discover that most things in the world are built for average [height].

"Welcome to a life of uncomfortable plane rides, bumping your head, t-shirts that are too short, cars that you don't really sit comfortably in..."

A third even broke the surgery down into price increments writing: "That's $25K per inch, meh."

Talk about being committed to a payment plan.

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