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Man who pretended to leap canyon barrier loses footing and almost falls over the edge

Man who pretended to leap canyon barrier loses footing and almost falls over the edge

This is one close call he'll always remember

We've all heard of the phrase 'pushing your luck'.

One prankster learnt this the hard way after he pretended to jump over the safety railing at Bryce Canyon - only to nearly plummet.

Footage shows the unidentified man running up to the railing and jumping on top, landing on his feet.

However, his stunt doesn't go to plan and he loses balance, falling over to the other side.

Fortunately for the wannabe daredevil, there is a ledge just beneath him so he only falls a few inches before coming to a stop.

The woman recording the footage screams and rushes to check that he's okay.

According to the Mail Online, this incident took place at the Utah based national park in 2022.

Since being shared online, many people have slammed the man for his reckless behaviour.

The man nearly fell into the canyon during his stunt.

One critic wrote: "I always wondered as a kid how people fall into canyons like this, I never would have guessed this was why."

Another sarcastically remarked: "I blame the park services. They should have put something there to prevent people from accidentally falling off that giant cliff."

A third added: "Hmmm I wonder why that fence was there", and a fourth similarly commented: "I think maybe that guard rail is there for a reason."

Bryce Canyon National Park spokesperson, Peter Densmore, said he was 'incredibly thankful' that no other injuries occurred.

Densmore said: "Considering that this occurred at one of the park’s most popular viewpoints and dislodged rocks onto the heavily trafficked Navajo Loop below, we are extremely thankful that no serious injuries occurred."

By comparison, the Grand Canyon - three hours away from the Bryce Park - is much deeper and more dangerous to fall into.

At least 56 people have been reported missing there since 2018.

The incident took place at Bryce Canyon in Utah.

Ken Phillips, a former search and rescue agent with the National Park Service, spent 27 years conducting searches and rescues within the Arizona based national park.

Phillips asserts that there are likely more deaths at the park than the records show.

He explained: "On average, there are 12 fatalities within the canyon every year.

"Those can be from everything relating to heat stroke, lightning, drownings on the river, air crashes, suicides, accidental falls – all types of things."

Several people have died at the Grand Canyon in recent weeks.

In early June, a 33-year-old man fell over 4,000 feet to his death into the Colorado River below.

The investigation is still ongoing, but the sheriff's office shared a number for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

One month prior, a 36-year-old hiker lost her life when she attempted to hike from the Grand Canyon rim to the Colorado River and back within a single day.

Park Services discourage attempting this route in one day as it puts hikers at risk of heat exhaustion and death.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / @Evaraw666

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