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Man, 102, holds parade to prove he's still alive after government think he's dead and stop pension

Man, 102, holds parade to prove he's still alive after government think he's dead and stop pension

A man over a century old hosts a party to prove he is still alive and kicking

A 102-year-old man has held an entire street parade to prove he is still alive.

Talk about a street party, Duli Chand, aged over a century old, was the belle of the ball when he arrived at a government office declaring 'I'm alive!' after the government thought him dead and stopped his pension payments.

The parade took place yesterday (8 September) in New Delhi, India, and came about due to Chand's pension being stopped.

The Philippine Star reports that Indian authorities simply could not believe the pensioner was very much so still alive and kicking.

KuldeepKadyan/Twitter via Naveen Jaihind

Dressed for the part in full wedding attire - it's fair to say that Chand's parade was definitely attention-grabbing.

"My old-age pension was stopped in March as the government records show that I am dead," Chand said, according to the news outlet.

Chand noted: "I've since been trying in vain to prove that I am still alive."

Videos of the parade went viral following activist Naveen Jaihind's involvement.

Jaihind both attended the parade procession and used his platform to bring awareness to Chand's situation.

Jaihind revealed: "Together we approached different offices and held a press conference but to no avail," via AHP News Agency.

The Philippine Star added that Jaihind used this initial lack of success to hatch his out-of-the-box plan: "This is when we thought of a wedding procession as a way to get some much-needed attention and action."

Jaihind has since reposted several videos of the parade including one of the brass band with a crowd of people dancing and holding up posters with Duli Chand's face on them.

Clearly quite a spectacle, Facebook users have since shared their reactions to the street parade, finding the spectacle hilarious.

"What a funny and excellent idea," wrote one person.

A second chimed in with: "I wanna be this extra."

Another added: "As you can see, I am not dead!

"One of the greatest trolls," announced a fourth.

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Featured Image Credit: @ghazalimohammad/Twitter

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