Man ‘Eats Raw Meat Every Day' To See How Long He Can Survive

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Man ‘Eats Raw Meat Every Day' To See How Long He Can Survive

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A man has revealed his 78-day raw meat diet in a bid to test just how long he is able to survive.

We already have FODMAP, Keto, and raw vegetable diets so why not add another bizarre plan to the trend, while also running the extremely high risk of contracting salmonella or some other form of horrific food poisoning?

One man decided to, apparently just for the fun of it, test out how long he could survive on a diet of raw meat, because why not?

Known as Raw Meat Experiment on Instagram, the man detailed his joyful quest of 'eating raw meat at Whole Foods every day until I die from bacteria.'

Vegans and vegetarians, turn away now.


The man has so far amassed over 60,000 followers, who he updates regularly with videos of him consuming various cuts of raw meat.

On day 69, the man updated followers that he hadn't 'been sick or physically removed from Whole Foods' yet, and on day 70 noted that camel's milk was 'splendid' and while not 'the most flavorful', was 'the funniest'.

The latest video of the man eating meat shows him on day 78 sat in a grey hoodie eating 'breakfast' which consists of lamb sirloin, milk - which he terms 'raw cow liquid' - and six eggs, which he calls 'slonky boys'.

The post reads: 'Very lucky to have this nourishment which will allow me to make memes and walk around or whatever. I think the funniest thing that happened from this meme/experiment so far is randomly being on Thailand news 😂, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the support/interest/hate, it all means a lot to me I love to see peoples reactions to this idea.'

Man Eats Raw Meat Diet For 78 Days. Credit: @therawmeatexperiment/ Instagram
Man Eats Raw Meat Diet For 78 Days. Credit: @therawmeatexperiment/ Instagram

The post has amassed over 5,000 likes, with one user writing: 'Do any of the Whole Foods employees follow you yet?'

Another wrote: 'It might just be the light but in all your videos I swear you look like you’re about to cry and I just hope you’re okay', while a third commented: 'Soo, I understand you’re not getting sick. But how’ve the sh*ts been?Lmao.'

The man has also started a clothing range inspired by his experiment, featuring t-shirts adorned with slogans such as, 'I'm not dead yet'.

Moreover, if you have some spare cash you can help fund the man's consumption of raw meat and subsequently be complicit in his slow death by bacteria.

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