Narco-Monkey Who Was Killed In A Drug Shootout Has Had A Song Written About Him

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Narco-Monkey Who Was Killed In A Drug Shootout Has Had A Song Written About Him

Featured Image Credit: Demon G/Twitter. PalestraAgs/@FiscaliaEdomex/Twitter

The adorable monkey killed during a Mexican drug cartel shootout now has a song about him.

The little spider monkey might have been collateral damage in the heartbreaking incident, however he now has his own Narcocorrido.

Narcocorrido is a subgenre of Mexicannorteño music that usually touches upon the life of drug dealers, according to NPR.

Vice reports that some lyrics include, ‘He is on his way to heaven’ and conclude with, ‘But he left a legacy’.

The song adds: “Changuito [little monkey], it was not your turn to die. Someone stole your story because you came here to win and to shine in many things.”

Doesn’t that just pull at your heartstrings?

A Twitter account under the handle ‘Demon G’ posted the video of the entire song that plays over footage and pictures of the mini primate.

They wrote in the caption: “They have already composed a corrido for the spider monkey that died along with its owner in a confrontation between a cell of the Familia Michoacána and the government in the State of Mexico.”

The internet became obsessed with the spider monkey after photos emerged of him lying dead on a man, believed to be his owner, while fashioning a tiny bulletproof vest, a nappy and a camouflage jacket.

Mexican authorities have confirmed the authenticity of images of the monkey, though they said it was unclear whether or not it had died as a result of the gunfire that took place.

It’s unclear exactly how the monkey died, but Mexico’s State Attorney General’s Office confirmed in a press release that the animal was ‘allegedly property of one of the criminals’ killed.

CBS News reports that the shootout happened in Texcaltitlan, where police shot and killed 11 drug gang members.

Authorities said ‘an autopsy will be carried out on the animal by a veterinarian specialised in the species’, and members who survived the attack could face animal-trafficking charges.

After the photos circulated on social media, security analyst David Saucedo told AP News that many drug lords acquire exotic pets as a symbol of wealth and power.

"Mexican drug traffickers copied from the narcos of the Medellin cartel the custom of acquiring exotic animals and setting up private zoos,” he said. 

“According to the code of the drug trafficking aristocracy, having a private zoo was a prerequisite for being part of the circle of big-time drug traffickers.”

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Charisa Bossinakis
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