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Billionaire pulled over for speeding on his own island

Billionaire pulled over for speeding on his own island

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle and the world’s sixth richest man

A billionaire has been pulled over for speeding on his own island.

It's hard to know if that's a flex or a fail but either way, Larry Ellison is the sixth richest man in the world and was pulled over by cops for speeding in his orange Corvette on Manele Road last October.

Take a look at the police body cam footage below:

The 78-year-old - who has a net worth of around $109.8 billion - owns 98 percent of Hawaiian island Lanai.

As shown in the footage above, a police officer approaches the sports car for a word with Ellison, who's face has been blurred out.

"The reason I stopped you is you ran through the stop sign and you were kind of speeding there," the officer said.

"If I was, I’m sorry," replied Ellison.

"Any reason why in particular?" the officer follows up with.

To which the billionaire admitted: "It was ... I was trying to get home for dinner with my kids, but there’s no excuse. There’s no good excuse."

"OK, cool. Can I see your driver’s license, registration and insurance, please?" the officer respectfully asks.

However, Ellison informs the official that he didn't have his license on him.

Maui Police Department

A Maui city council member told Hawaii News Now that the 'elites' like Ellison can pretty much do what they want on the island.

"Some communities, as we all know, have let the elites just run wild," he said.

"To have one of our own police officers actually treat him like an equal just as everyone should be treated equally under the eyes of the law — I’m proud to say, ‘Nice job, MPD'."

UNILAD has contacted Maui Police Department and Pulamu Lanai, Ellison’s holding company, for comment.

WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Ellison is currently chairman, chief technology officer and cofounder of software giant Oracle, of which he owns about 35 percent.

He gave up the CEO role in 2014 after spending 37 years at the helm.

In 2020, the billionaire permanently moved to Lanai, which he purchased in 2012 for a whopping $300 million.

Ellison also sat on the board of Tesla from December 2018 to August 2022 while still owning about 15 million shares in the company.

Despite never finishing college, he started making a name for himself by building databases for the CIA.

Featured Image Credit: Rob Matthews / Alamy / Hawaii News Now

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