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Lamborghini has sold out of its cars until 2024

Lamborghini has sold out of its cars until 2024

The Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini has announced it has sold out of its cars until 2024.

As supply and demand issues continue to impact many forms of life, the car industry seems to be having less trouble.

In the midst of a cost of living crisis, Italian sports car brand Lamborghini has announced it has already sold its entire production run up until early 2024.

Despite the increased costs due to many factors, the Volkswagen subsidiary says wealthy customers are continuing to flock when the latest and greatest supercars are released.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said the company is enjoying high demand at the moment and order bookings go through 18 months of stock.

Lamborghini will have no new stock till early 2024.

He said: "We have more and more stepping into Lamborghini.

"Because they trust the brand, they see how beautiful the cars are, how high performing they are."

Due to some supply issues hitting the automotive industry, the company does say it is making less cars in that 18 month period than if we were in less testing times.

In that sold out time, the car manufacturer is planning on making a hybrid car of each of its current models.

With the rise of Elon Musk's Tesla and as the world is forced in the direction of more eco-friendly vehicles, the Italian manufacturer is planning on dipping its toes into the world of electric, with a full electric Lamborghini coming in the second half of the decade.

CEO Winkelmann added the company was doing a lot in the two years despite the shortages and doing "as much as we can, as fast as we can to keep all the things updated and rolling in a positive way."

The car manufacturer has recorded record profits in the last year despite the financial restrains across the globe.

Lamborghini reported earlier this year it has had the best half-year in its history with record sales and profits.

They also recorded an operating margin of 32 per cent and operating profit jumped to €425 million (£360 million) with 5,090 cars sold.

The Italian car manufacturer has a wide range of new car and cult classic models as part of its current selection.

The Aventador remains a staple in the Lambo family and has multiple 2022 models to purchase, however, you may need a bit of cash.

Aventador Ultimae will set you back around £420,000 ($500,000), while another 2022 model will be closer to £550,000 (£460,000).

The Huracan is a cheaper supercar option with some models under £200,000.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @lamborghini

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