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Lamborghini has sold its last ever gas-powered supercar

Lamborghini has sold its last ever gas-powered supercar

It won't be a few years until Lamborghini stops churning out gas-powered cars though, as customers order them well in advance

There is no questioning that climate change is a real problem, with much being done to try and prevent the obvious catastrophe from happening.

Let's not forget, the hottest ever day on Earth was recorded earlier this week, as our planet continues to heat up.

One industry that is trying to reduce its impact on the planet with carbon emissions is the car sector, with electric cars cropping up way more often these days.

Now, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed the popular sports car brand has now sold its remaining production of fully gas-powered models.

The CEO confirmed the news to German newspaper Welt on Wednesday (5 July), as per Reuters.

Lamborghini's CEO has confirmed that the company has sold its last ever gas-powered supercar.
Roberto Serra - Iguana Press/Getty Images

While it doesn't mean the car giant is going all electrical, it does mean that all Lambos going forward will be electric in some manner.

This all starts with some of the Italian manufacture's fan favorites, including plug-in hybrid replacements for the Aventador and Huracan supercars.

It is not just the fast cars receiving the electric treatment though, with the URUS SUV also getting a plug-in hybrid option.

However, Lamborghini will actually continue to sell gas-powered cars for a long time yet, as customers have to pre-order their new vehicles years in advance.

So we are not going all electric just yet, but we will certainly hit that in the years to come.

That is because Lamborghini has plans to launch its first all-electric vehicle in the coming years, which will be a revolutionary moment in the car industry.

In an interview with Insider earlier this year, Lambo's CEO admitted that the whole auto industry is in the midst of a rather expensive and messy transition to all electric.

An all-electric Lambo is coming in the future.

So while manufacturers may promise innovative cars in the years to come, it may not be that simple.

But as for now, the Italian car manufacturer has a wide range of new car and cult classic models as part of its current selection.

The Aventador remains a staple in the Lambo family and has multiple 2022 models to purchase, however, you may need a bit of cash.

Aventador Ultimae will set you back around £420,000 ($530,000), while another 2022 model will be closer to £550,000 (around $700,000).

The Huracan is a cheaper supercar option with some models under £200,000 ($254,500).

Featured Image Credit: Jun Sato/WireImage / VCG/VCG via Getty Images

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