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Woman makes man she blamed for partner's death fall in love with her to turn him into authorities in ultimate revenge plot
Featured Image Credit: Colombia National Police

Woman makes man she blamed for partner's death fall in love with her to turn him into authorities in ultimate revenge plot

This sounds like something straight out of a movie

Sounding like something straight out of a movie, a woman made the man she blames for her partner's death fall in love with her to turn him into authorities.

The woman – whose identity is protected – worked closely with the National Police of Colombia in order to execute the revenge plot while also helping to capture a drug trafficker wanted by Interpol.

Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios, also known as 'Juancho', had a red warning against him due to his crimes.

According to El Tiempo, he was able to operate within Montería, the capital of the country's Cordoba region, as well as the subregion of Uraba, by feigning a love for God and the church.

However, authorities caught on to his involvement in a narcotic trafficking network and a multi-crime structure of homicides and extortions.

Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios was captured by authorities earlier this year.
National Police of Colombia

In a statement, Colombia Police said: "According to the information collected by the investigators of the Intelligence Directorate, this person has a criminal record of more than 10 years, making himself known for his warlike capacity in coordinating attacks against the Public Force."

Using go-fast type speedboats, a preferred vessel for smugglers, Juancho was able to ship drugs through Central America before reaching the US, with a monthly capacity of approximately 1.5 tonnes of cocaine.

In addition, the narco is linked to the 2018 murders of two police officers in the town of Puerto Valdivia.

El Tiempo went on to say that Juancho has been blamed for 'killing the woman's partner', leading her to seek revenge.

The woman seduced Juancho.

In order to do so, she used her charms to get the drug lord to fall for her.

Though it was a long-drawn-out plan, she was eventually able to obtain evidence of his crimes, which she then passed on to the Special Operations Command of the police.

After several months of monitoring, she organised to meet with Juancho in Montería where authorities were able to capture him.

Colonel Gabriel García explained that investigators were able to establish an arrest warrant for the crime of manufacturing, trafficking and carrying weapons and ammunition for restricted and exclusive use of the armed forces or explosives.

The warrant also included the suspicion of trafficking, manufacturing and possession of drugs.

"This operational result generates a structural blow to transnational drug trafficking networks, fracturing their connections and coordination for international drug trafficking," he said.

As for the woman in this story, no doubt it was a nerve-racking and emotionally troubling experience.

But she played a major part in Juancho's capture and hopefully has some closure in knowing that he's now been handed over to the authorities.

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