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Millionaire Offering £15,000 For Someone To Try And Seduce His Fiancée

Emily Brown

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Millionaire offering money for someone to seduce his fianceePexels/PXhere

A millionaire is offering £15,000 for someone to try and seduce his fiancée in an effort to see whether she’s in the relationship for the love or the money. 

I can’t say I know much about what it’s like to have bucketloads of cash but I imagine gold diggers do become a problem when your bank account is bursting.


How do you know if someone really likes you or if they’re just sticking around because you’re funding their lavish lifestyle?


Well, this particular wealthy man is hoping a ‘good looking’ guy will help him find the answer as he got in contact with London-based luxury marketplace to advertise the role of seducer after having doubts about the legitimacy of his relationship.

Though a lack of trust is a warning sign when heading into married life, the millionaire explained he’d been messed around before for his money and since getting engaged he’s become increasingly worried this relationship might be heading in the same direction.


The bride-to-be has refused her fiance’s suggestions of a pre-nup, which in this case would likely ensure the couple’s money was kept separate, and since getting engaged just a few weeks ago the woman is said to be getting ever-more agitated to tie the knot, despite there being no reason to rush the wedding.


It’s a tough argument; the man should be able to trust the woman he’s marrying without having to go to these extreme lengths to do so but at the same time there have been warning signs to suggest she might only have eyes for his wallet, and if he asks her outright she might simply lie to him.

There may not be a right or wrong answer for what to do in this situation but the man has chosen his course of action. According to the Mirror he is offering the big one-off payment in exchange for someone’s professional flirting services – though unfortunately you’ve got to have a bit more than a good chat up line in order to get this job.

Date wineGetty

As well as being ‘good looking’, the selected candidate must have the ability to act convincingly, have facial hair and be in good physical shape. The ‘honey trapper’ will play the role of a wealthy man and to help create the illusion of affluence the person who lands the job will be given access to a premium property, a couple of luxury cars and an agreed budget to spend while ‘working’.

The millionaire said he is ‘hardly in the prime of his life’ and wants to see if a seemingly wealthy, exciting younger man will be able to tempt his future bride away from him.

Wallet with moneyPixabay

The candidate will play out the role until the ‘exercise’ is concluded, though it’s not clear how long it will go on for. If the fiancée is keen to be taken on lavish dates straight away then it might be quite a short process but hopefully she’ll remain faithful to her partner and prove her love is true.

If you think you’ve got the chat, the looks and the charm to win the engaged woman over then you can apply for the role here – though remember not to be offended if she turns you down. It’s all in the name of love!

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    Can you help? Professional honey trapper needed

  2. Mirror

    Millionaire offering £15,000 for someone willing to try and seduce his fiancée

Emily Brown
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