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Sickening moment man kills estranged brother caught on doorbell camera

Sickening moment man kills estranged brother caught on doorbell camera

The California man drove 12 hours to shoot and kill his brother

The sickening moment when a man killed his estranged brother was all caught on a doorbell camera and the footage is truly harrowing.

Jeffery Roberts allegedly drove an entire 12 hours from the golden state all the way to Utah to his estranged brother's house with criminal intentions in mind.

He knocked on the property door and shot his own brother - Scott Roberts - dead just before lighting the entire residence on fire.

And the whole thing was recorded on a Ring doorcam.

The Weber County Attorney's Office reports that Roberts, 66, made the mammoth trip from Long Beach, California, to his brother's home located in Ogden, Utah, last month (27 April).

That's more than a staggering 730 miles.

The sickening moment when Jeffery Roberts killed his estranged brother was all caught on a doorbell camera.
Weber County Attorney

Authorities have since released the haunting video which caught on tape a dramatic battle between the man and police officers called to the scene.

The Ring doorcam captured the incredibly brief, yet nonetheless extremely shocking, interaction between the two brothers.

The encounter showed Jeffrey briefly speaking to his brother before whipping out a gun and firing.

Jeffrey asked his brother: "Hey, what's up?", to which Scott replied: "What are you doing here?"

Several shots can then be heard off camera before Jeffrey leaves the Utah residence and returns back with a duffel bag and shotgun.

Police have since reported that Jeffrey shot both Scott and his sister-in-law, who were just sitting down to eat an evening meal at approximately 7pm before the shocking home invasion.

Neighbors immediately alerted authorities after hearing the gunshots, with one anonymous local claiming: "It was next door, and it sounded like gunshots, but I'm not sure about that.

Jeffrey drove more than 730 miles to shoot Scott Roberts and his wife.
Weber County Attorney

"It was pretty loud, there were several shots fired."

Police soon arrived to the home, which had since gone up in flames, with the attorney’s reporting that Jeffrey used road flares to commit the arsonist attack.

As soon as officers arrived, the man opened fire on them leaving a rash of bullet holes across both a police SUV alongside a neighbor's garage door across the street.

The police bodycam and doorbell camera footage show the heated shootout.

Second after the open fire commenced, Jeffrey can be seen falling the ground after being fatally struck with a bullet.

Police report that the California man had been armed with a 9mm handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun and over 150 shotgun shells.

They also declared Jeffrey was carrying a total of 23 fully loaded handgun magazines.

Featured Image Credit: Weber County Attorney

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