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Two identical-looking athletes with same name get DNA test to see if they are long-lost siblings

Two identical-looking athletes with same name get DNA test to see if they are long-lost siblings

They've got the same name and look really similar, now they want to know if they're actually related

Brady Feigl is a 6'4 baseball player with red hair, a red beard and pretty thick glasses which should make him easily recognisable.

Only there's one little problem, there are two people this applies to and they look almost identical so it's time to answer the burning question on everyone's lips: are they long-lost brothers?

One Brady Feigl is a pitcher for one of the Oakland A's affiliated clubs, the other is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers’ Double-A club.

They are so eerily similar that everyone who sees them side by side couldn't help but wonder if they were some sort of relation.

Even they started to wonder after Inside Edition got them together to do a DNA test in the hopes of figuring this out once and for all.

Hard as it may be to believe, these guys aren't related.
Inside Edition

It certainly wouldn't be the first time a pair of long-lost siblings had ended up living insanely similar lives.

One of the most famous examples of this were the 'Jim twins', identical twins who were separated at birth and put up for adoption before discovering each other later in life.

When they finally reunited they realised they'd had the same interests along with a brother called Larry, a dog named Toy, a first wife called Linda and a second wife named Betty.

They'd even both unknowingly named their firstborn sons the same, and even liked the same type of beer and brand of cigarettes.

Sadly for anyone hoping for another instance of the 'Jim twins' with the 'Brady twins', DNA testing revealed that these almost identical guys living almost identical lives weren't actually related after all.

They weren't long lost brothers at all, but they have become friends.
Inside Edition

Their one big similarity from the DNA test was the level of Germanic ancestry, with both registering as 53 percent Germanic in origin, but on every other measure they were different and therefore not secret siblings.

Hopes of some incredible family reunion were dashed but the two Bradys are glad they met each other and said they were 'still brothers in a way', so it seems as though they've made new friends which is nice.

This instead seems like an amazing coincidence and a chance for the baseball players to meet their doppelgangers.

Apparently for each person in the world there's about six other people in the world who look almost exactly like you and the Brady Feigls can now cross at least one name off their list, even if it is theirs.

Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition

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