Woman Finds Her Exact Doppelgänger On TikTok And People Are Freaking Out

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Woman Finds Her Exact Doppelgänger On TikTok And People Are Freaking Outsleevesofsaltines/TikTok

People have been left seriously freaked out after a woman revealed she had discovered her exact doppelgänger on social media.

Theatre director and TikTok user Randi Alexis Hickey shared a side-by-side video of herself and her unnamed doppelgänger, to the great shock of her followers. The similarities between them are truly uncanny, from their facial features to their hair colouring.

Eerie physical resemblances aside, the pair even have the same taste in round, thin rimmed glasses. The likeness would be remarkable even in a set of twins, and it’s almost impossible to believe you’re actually looking at two different people who have never met.

Check it out below:

Explaining the situation in the TikTok video, which has since gone viral, Randi explained that her friend had sent her a video of the other woman, and had been absolutely convinced that she was looking at Randi.

At first, bafflingly, Randi couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but the more she watched the video, the more she realised it was like looking in a mirror, marvelling, ‘Why do we sound the same too?’

Those who’ve seen the spliced video have been left equally creeped out, with one person remarking:

I seriously thought you were duetting yourself.

Another suggested:

I think you might have found a family secret.

Taking to the comments section, Randi admitted that she was ‘a little spooked’, having never had a doppelgänger before. She also agreed with one person’s inspired suggestion that she should switch places with this other woman at camp and ‘trick your parents into getting married again’.


A 2015 study from biologist Teghan Lucas and her team at the University of Adelaide in Australia discovered there’s approximately a one in 135 chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exist somewhere on the planet.

However, the likelihood of another person who is identical to you – in eight facial metric traits – is around one in one trillion. These traits include ear length and head circumference, as well as the distance between the centres of a person’s pupils.

Although it’s not immediately clear whether these two particular women fit into this one in a trillion category, the similarities between them are clearly more than just a little bit striking.

It’s unclear at the time of writing whether or not Randi will be reaching out for a meet-up, but honestly, how could you resist?

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