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Woman opens up after completing $162,000 ‘Frankenstein’ surgery that extended her legs by 5.5 inches

Woman opens up after completing $162,000 ‘Frankenstein’ surgery that extended her legs by 5.5 inches

Theresia Fischer previously admitted the leg-lengthening surgery left her with a chronic bone condition

A woman has opened up about going under the knife for controversial 'leg lengthening' surgery, admitting she now feels 'ashamed' of the procedure.

Model and reality TV star Theresia Fischer paid thousands of dollars for the surgery to have her legs lengthened, and frequently opens up about the operation on social media.

Prior to having the procedure Fischer stood at 5'6" tall, but ended up breaking into six feet tall after the operation.

Fischer had the surgery when she was 24 years old, revealing that her ex had persuaded her to have it done.

Recalling his words to her, Fischer said: "[He would say] 'You can't do anything without me. You need me.'

"And if you are told that 20, 30, 60, 70 times – then you believe that you are nothing without him."

Posting a new update on her recovery since having the rods from her legs removed, she wrote on Instagram: "Finally, freedom! How I have longed for this day. It is the day of days!

“The whole thing is finally coming to an end. I’m glad it’s over. Today, I’m [six feet] tall.

“The pain that I endured for eight years was so enormous (physical and mental) that I cannot even put it into words.”

Despite the surgery being a success, in that it did result in Fischer becoming taller, the model previously shared that she has regrets about getting the procedure.

Fischer opened up about having the procedure. (Instagram/@theresiafischer)
Fischer opened up about having the procedure. (Instagram/@theresiafischer)

Sharing her regret, she admitted: "I am ashamed because I consented to an operation that shouldn't have happened.

"I've never dealt with that before because I've always been happy with my body."

The operation itself involves some pretty gruelling elements.

Effectively, they break your legs and then insert telescopic metal rods to stretch the bone and muscle tissues as they heal.

It's a bit like wearing braces to pull your teeth into position, but instead stretching out your actual bones.

Explaining the procedure, Fischer said: “The shin bone is broken cleanly, the calf muscles are split and a telescopic rod is used in each case.

"You stretch your lower legs independently by holding your knee with one hand and screwing your foot inward with the other hand until it clicks.

Fischer expressed regret about the operation. (Instagram/@theresiafischer)
Fischer expressed regret about the operation. (Instagram/@theresiafischer)

"Ten clicks a day on each side bring an additional 0.5 millimeters [0.02 inches]."

As for the cost of the procedure, that comes in both financial form, and sadly in the form of a complication.

The procedure cost a whopping $160,000 to have done, resulting in Fischer gaining around 5.5 inches of height.

But sadly the cost was not confined to just being financial.

Following her operation Fischer shared that it has left her with a chronic condition, meaning a long term condition, as a result.

In Fischer's case this is periosteum inflammation.

This is a condition where the layer of tissue connective tissue which surrounds bones is inflamed.

Symptoms of the condition include swelling of the tissue around the bone, fever and chills, stiffness, and bone tenderness.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/theresiafischer

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