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Woman who paid $165,000 to extend her legs by 5.5 inches now has huge regrets

Woman who paid $165,000 to extend her legs by 5.5 inches now has huge regrets

German model Theresia Fischer spent thousands to extend her legs but now regrets the operation.

A woman who paid $165,000 to extend her legs by 5.5 inches has confessed to regretting having the procedure done.

Theresia Fischer, a 31-year-old model from Germany, shared the brutal realities of the odd operation and how it has affected her.

Getting her legs extended has left her with emotional and physical scars. She was allegedly pushed to have her legs extended by her ex-partner. Initially, she stood at 5’6”, but after having the body-altering operation done at the age of 24, she now stands at over 6 feet.

The surgery is done by inserting adjustable telescopic rods into her shins which are gradually extended to increase the length of her legs.

The 31-year-old admits deeply regretting the op.

Theresia, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in Germany, isn’t too pleased with the results and in a recent interview she shared her complaints.

Speaking on the radio network MDR Jump, she shared what her ex told her to persuade her to get the surgery.

He reportedly told her: “Theresia, you know I like big ladies. So, I would really like this. You could get up to 14 centimeters more."

His words influenced Theresia, who recalled: "[He would say] 'You can't do anything without me. You need me.' And if you are told that 20, 30, 60, 70 times – then you believe that you are nothing without him."

Following the surgery, Theresia’s appearance has changed drastically, leading to her regretting her choices and feeling a sense of ‘shame’ after making a drastic body alteration.

"I am ashamed because I consented to an operation that shouldn't have happened," she admitted. "I've never dealt with that before because I've always been happy with my body."

Theresia Fischer underwent leg lengthening surgery.

Regarding the procedure, Theresia described how her shins were broken deliberately and her calf muscles were split.

She explained: “The shin bone is broken cleanly, the calf muscles are split and a telescopic rod is used in each case.

"You stretch your lower legs independently by holding your knee with one hand and screwing your foot inward with the other hand until it clicks. Ten clicks a day on each side bring an additional 0.5 millimeters [0.02 inches]."

Theresia now boasts more than 142,000 followers on Instagram and over 200,000 on TikTok.

Back in 2019, Fischer said she was really pleased with the results and had undergone the surgery to boost her self-confidence after being bullied in her teens.

She added that the surgery had actually had a big impact on her sex life.

Theresia Fischer appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in Germany.

"My sex is better now! I have become very flexible with my legs and have more room to manoeuvre in bed," she said.

Though she admitted then that she received a lot of hate online about having had the procedure.

"I now feel happy and satisfied with my legs, but I'm hit by a wave of hate on the Internet," the TV personality said.

"It hurts me a lot. With the leg-lengthening procedure, I found myself and finally overcame my old trauma from being bullied."

Featured Image Credit: Tristar Media/Getty Images / Instagram/@theresiafischer

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