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Woman shows incredible process of getting 'new teeth' that's leaving people in tears
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cheyssmilejourney

Woman shows incredible process of getting 'new teeth' that's leaving people in tears

TikToker Chey Chalai says her 'new teeth' will allow her to 'eat, talk, laugh and LIVE comfortably'

A TikToker has shown off the end results of her difficult journey to getting 'new teeth'.

None of us like a trip to the dentist - whether it be the fear of having a filling or just the dreaded smell of the place.

However, sometimes it's necessary for a trip to the dentist, as in the long run, having the work done is only going to be of benefit.

Chey Chalai has documented her topsy-turvy dental journey on TikTok.

The TikToker, who boasts just short of 640,000 followers on the video site, disclosed her dental problems in 2023.

On a text overlay while showing her dentist routine, Chalai penned: "At 20 years old I had to get dentures because I couldn't afford the dental work I needed to get done.

"I was too young at the time and thought my dentist knew best so I trusted him and let him pull all of my teeth out."

The TikTok creator has documented her dental journey (Instagram/@cheyssmilejourney)
The TikTok creator has documented her dental journey (Instagram/@cheyssmilejourney)

She continued: "Now after 11 years at 31 years old my dentist said I've had so much bone loss that my jaw bone looks like I'm 80 years old.

"I've had such rapid bone loss just in the past 3 months that my dentures barely fit anymore so it is painful to eat, talk, or even have my teeth in."

The TikTok content creator went on to say that her jaw 'hurts all the time'.

According to Chalai, the problems with her teeth began when she got braces.

"I'm so ready to be comfortable with my smile and be able to eat, talk, laugh and LIVE comfortably," she added.

The dental implants cost a whopping $33,000, so Chalai sent up a fundraiser as she said 'if only 1,600 people donated $20', she would be able to have the procedure done.

And thanks to the money raised, Chalai was able to have her long-desired 'new teeth'.

In a video uploaded back in February, the content creator documented herself in the surgery have her final bit of work done.

"Getting my final set of teeth btw. I meant to share this back in December when my finals were put in but it's been sitting in my drafts," she penned in the video's caption.

"Feeling so very blessed!"

Many have TikTok users have flocked to the comments section of the video, with some even left in tears at the transformation.

Meanwhile, one person on X, formerly known as Twitter, penned: "Happy for her so much, but now I'm crying."

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