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Incredible reason why you may sometimes feel random stabbing pains around your body
Featured Image Credit: Manusapon Kasosod/ozgurcankaya/Getty Images

Incredible reason why you may sometimes feel random stabbing pains around your body

Random stabbing pains can be a cause for concern, but there's an incredible reason as to why we feel them.

Ever felt random stabbing pains around your body and believed it is the end? Ah, just me then.

Mysterious health problems can often be a cause of concern can't they?

And with how difficult it can be to get a doctors' appointment these days, many of us go to Google with our health questions.

However, those who embark on such a voyage will know how dangerous and even worrying it can be.

Not a nice feeling random stabbing pains is it?
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Random stabbing pains across the body can be one of the more concerning symptoms out there as we often sit there thinking, 'What on earth is causing that'.

Nerve pain or 'neuralgia or neuropathic pain' is something that can happen to anyone, ranging from mild to pretty severe.

According to Health Direct, nerve pain 'can feel different from other kinds of pain'.

The site also adds that nerve pain can affect any nerve in the body, though it does affect some nerves more than others.

Pain in the likes of the jaw, cheek, and the base of your skull are some of the most common.

Thankfully, we have health experts on hand to provide some answers - and it might have something to do with how long we spend slumped in a chair.

Nerve pain is perfectly common.
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According to fitness and health expert Jason Helmes, the key is making sure your body doesn't remain stagnant.

He wrote on X: "Moving your body daily will alleviate a huge amount of random pains, stress, and depressive symptoms you have.

"The body isn't meant to sit around for long periods of time daily, you need to MOVE to feel your best.

"Take walking meetings virtually if possible. Walk at your lunch break. Get a treadmill for under your desk. Just a few ideas."

It's important to make sure we are in check with our body - especially now with the rise of remote working.

After all, you don't want to end up looking like Susan do you?

Helmes recommends getting some movement here and there.

Susan, who was developed by DirectApply, is a visual representation of what remote workers will look like in 25 years.

She has bad eyesight, inflamed eyes and dark circles from looking at a computer screen all day, and a lack of physical activity has led to bad posture and weight gain.

Susan also suffers from 'repetitive typing strain' and 'tech neck' from spending too much time hunched over her computer.

So better stand up from the computer now and then, eh?

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