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Groom killed after bride's ex-boyfriend sends exploding wedding gift

Groom killed after bride's ex-boyfriend sends exploding wedding gift

Police say Sarju Markam warned his ex-partner that she would 'never be happy'.

A man has been accused of sending a bomb disguised as a wedding gift to his ex-girlfriend and her new husband in India.

Groom Hemendra Merawi was killed instantly as he unwrapped the wedding gifts in his home, located in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

The blast was so significant that the house in Chamari village collapsed around them.

Merawi's brother, Rajkumar, was helping unwrap the wedding gifts when the bomb disguised as a home sound system detonated.

He died in hospital days later.

Four others were injured in the April 3 blast, including an 18-month old baby.

Bride and groom in traditional Indian wedding clothing.
Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy

As per custom, the bride had not yet moved into her new husband's home.

Sarju Markam, 33, confessed to police that he had rigged the gift with explosives to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend for marrying someone else.

Markam and the woman split after she found out he was already married to another woman and had two sons.

Police Superintendent Manisha Thakur told The Indian Express that Markam threatened the woman and her now-deceased husband on multiple occasions.

“After she realized the truth, she refused to marry him. But he kept threatening her, [demanding her] to marry him [and become his second wife]," Thakur said.

He called the woman again on March 30 to harass her and urged her not to marry Merawi the following day.

Police claim he told her 'you are getting married but you will never be happy'.

Superintendent of Police Lal Umed Singh added, as per The Indian Express, that Markam also called the groom to threaten him.

"They had an altercation. Hemendra also had a talk with his fiancé and the issue was settled,” Singh said.

He snuck in to hide the explosive gift under a pile of wedding presents.
Anneleven / Alamy

"[Markam] used ammonium nitrate, petrol and gunpowder retrieved from firecrackers [in the bomb].

"He gift-wrapped it to avoid any suspicion."

Markam then asked a friend to give him a ride to the wedding on his motorbike on March 31.

"He did not tell his friend about his plan," Singh said.

"The friend waited outside the venue and the accused went in and quickly came out after placing the gift under other gifts."

Markam admitted to police that he had experience in electronic repairs and had previously worked in a mine where he became familiar with rigging explosives.

According to Vice, he has now been charged under India’s Explosive Substances Act and faces a maximum sentence of life behind bars.

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