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Grocery store praised after refusing to introduce any self-checkouts

Grocery store praised after refusing to introduce any self-checkouts

Sparkle Markets made the announcement in a Facebook post

A US grocery story has earned praise from customers after announcing they would not switch to self-checkouts.

In this new age of technology, many supermarkets have made the decision to go cashless.

But, in some cases, the decision has received mixed reactions - some customers accusing stores of 'emotional blackmail' when prompted to tip at the self-checkouts.

However, Sparkle Markets, who has 18 stores in Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, has released a statement to let its loyal customers know that they will always find a familiar face for a little bit of small talk to cheer you up during the dull item-scanning process.

"At Sparkle, we have employed PEOPLE for decades - and we will continue to do so," Sparkle announced on its Facebook page in a message from its president Vincent Furrie Jr on 3 July.

"Many big grocery brands, have decided to phase out their cashiers and replace them with self-checkout machines," the statement reads.

"They believe limiting human interaction is the future of retail shopping.

"While stores test this theory, we at Sparkle will not be turning to self-checkout machines.

"Employing our neighbors not only benefits the company, but it also benefits our communities. In times like this, jobs are more important than ever. We value the person at the register - we hope you do as well. Helping one another just cannot be replaced."

And Furrie Jr's announcement was met with positive reactions online, with many identifying themselves as customers and praising the decision to keep, you know, actual human being behind the till.

The grocery store made the announcement on Facebook.

"Thank you for caring for both your customers and employees," one person wrote.

"Awesome!!!" another offered, adding praise for the company's cashiers. "Your employees are always so kind. Keep doing what you are doing!!!"

"Agree, I like the help and interaction from the employees. I have never and will never use a self check out at any establishment. Thank you," another comment read.

"Best decision ever!" another person commented, while another noted: "I appreciate the human interaction."

In case you need one more reason to try and overcome your social anxiety and avoid self-checkouts, a criminal lawyer explained why she always advises to opt for a manned till.

The reason? Using self-checkouts makes being prosecuted for shoplifting more likely, she says, even if you didn't intend to steal anything and simply forgot to scan an item.

"Big-box stores are not going to spend their time and resources deciding if you stole it on purpose or if it was a mistake," Carrie Jernigan told her TikTok followers.

"They have lost all sympathy and they are just taking a 'tell it to the judge approach'."

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