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Gen Zers are ditching smartphones and are using digital cameras for photos these days

Rachel Lang

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Gen Zers are ditching smartphones and are using digital cameras for photos these days

Featured Image Credit: camera_addict/Instagram.

Picture this: a person in super low rise jeans, wearing ugg boots, with a flip phone in hand, an iPod Classic and a Nikon COOLPIX digital camera in their bag.

So now you have the image of this person in your mind, we're going to ask you a question. What time period are they from?

If you said anything aside from right now, you'd be wrong.


As the old adage goes, everything that is old is new again, because apparently the Y2K-Millennial era is back, baby.

Gen Z's favourite app TikTok has seen a surge in usage for the hashtag #digitalcamera, with videos about the iconic baby pink Nikon Coolpix racking up millions of views.

One TikTok clip by make-up artist and influencer Chelsea X urged people to get a millenial-hey day era camera ASAP.


"This is your sign to get an old school digital camera and take a bunch of pics," the video subtitles read.

"The pictures come out so cute!"

And let's just say that a few curious Gen Zers had some pretty basic questions about the 'olden times'.

One person asked: "How do you get the photos afterwards?"


Another asked: "I have one from my mom that is from 2007."

A third commented: "Since when 2006 is old?"

The creator replied 'well it ain’t young', and this writer feels both personally attacked and also as old as time itself right now.


Anthony Tabarez is one Gen-Zer that has jumped on the digital camera bandwagon.

He took his spiffy Olympus FE-230 to prom to get happy snaps with his mates, despite the camera nearly being as old as him.

He told The New York Times that the older-style cameras produce shots that are 'more exciting' than some gross, sleek smartphone.

"When you have something else to shoot on, it’s more exciting,'" he said.


"We’re so used to our phones."

Another certified youth, 22-year-old Zounia Rabotson, reckons things are getting 'a bit too techy' these days.

She told The New York Times: "To go back in time is just a great idea."

And they aren't the only ones.

eBay revealed Gen Zers are racing to the site to snap up a camera to take their own happy snaps.

In fact, The NYT reported that searches for Nikon COOLPIX cameras increased by 90 per cent in the last year.

Hopefully these darn kids can figure out how to actually get the pictures on social media without too much confusion.

It comes after the flip phone made a comeback in the last few years.

People are also downloading an app that helps turn their fancy smartphone into an old school iPod.

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Rachel Lang
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