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World is terrified by single picture of Australia's Gateway Bridge

World is terrified by single picture of Australia's Gateway Bridge

Locals say there's another feature which is even scarier.

A bridge in Australia has people terrified after someone posted a picture of themselves approaching it.

Driving can occasionally be frightening at times.

In some situations, you might have to venture onto a precarious mountain road with a sheer drops on either sides - like the Karakoram Highway, which is known for it's thin roads and deadly drops - or you might find yourself on a road that just goes on and on and on.

However, this bridge in Brisbane has now got people talking - and frightened.

The perspective as you approach the bridge is a bit interesting.
Facebook / Wendy Martin

It's actually not just one, but a pair of bridges crossing the Brisbane River in Australia.

The Brisbane Gateway Bridge, which is known more officially as Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge, stands at 64.5m over the river.

When coming to the bridge's entrance, Wendy Martin, snapped a quick pic and shared it to Facebook, writing: "From the passenger seat."

And people online were pretty intimidated by the bridge, with one saying that it 'scared' them.

Another said: "I had my first/only ever panic attack driving over this bridge. It was awful my hands were slipping off the wheel. I should go drive over it 20 times in a row to get over my fear of it. Maybe tomorrow."

A third said: "This bridge kinda scared me not gonna lie."

"I absolutely hate driving over this bridge. It’s terrifying." a fourth said, while a fifth commented: "This makes me want to cry and be sick at the same time lol."

"I will always find a way around this crazy ass bridge... It is NUTS." someone else said.

Others even said that the twisted perspective even reminded them of 'some of their nightmares'.

It certainly does look rather trippy, if I do say so myself.

However, some drivers said that it looks worse than it is.

That's a very steep climb.
Facebook / Amelia Schwalm

It’s not as bad as you might think." one person said, while another said that it 'doesn’t feel weird driving over it though'.

And a third said: "It's not that bad."

However, it turns out there is one feature, according to locals, which is even more intimidating than this.

And that's the toll to use the bridge, of course.

At the moment, the Class 2 toll point for Murarrie stands at $5.07.

One person posted: "It doesn't look that trippy in real life, the worst thing about this bridge is the cost of the toll."

Another wrote: "The only anxiety people should have over this wee bridge is the price to cross it. Now that's a nightmare!"

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Wendy Martin

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