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Woman attacked by fox with rabies outside her house

Woman attacked by fox with rabies outside her house

The fox attack took place in Ithaca, New York

A woman on her phone was caught off guard by a viscous fox who attacked her outside her home in New York.

The shocking footage shows the woman getting ambushed by a fox with rabies in her garden while desperately trying to defend herself.

Watch below:

*Clip below contains violent footage*

As shown in the clip above, the woman is minding her own business as the fox begins to bite into her leg.

The woman attempts to kick it away, however, its jaws were clinched tight into her leg.

Despite her brave attempts, it was only when her neighbour came that the fox decided to cower away.

Ed Russo, a cousin of the woman who was attacked, posted the video online and provided an update.

He wrote: "A cousin of mine was attacked by a rabid fox in Ithaca, NY. She’s OK. But geez this video is crazy!"

Russo also revealed that 'she got treated immediately' and that 'the attack was a few weeks ago'.

"She’s just now sharing the experience," he added.


The clip caused major concern among viewers, with one person commenting: "This is terrifying. The person she was talking to must have been freaked out too!"

A second person added: "Wild video. I feel sorry for the lady and the poor fox; healthy ones don't attack people, and rabies will be fatal for the little guy."

"This is insane. Rabid animals are no joke. As for the woman: way to be fierce," a third said.

Another added: "This video is insane and a reminder to be always cautious around wild animals."

Someone else said: "She handled her business all things considered, I probably would've panicked and let the fox eat me."


A similar incident also took place earlier this year as viral footage showed the moment a man managed to fend off a bobcat from his front driveway.

We're not sure where the incident occurred, yet the clip was filmed on a Vivint home security camera.

The man places the drink he's holding on the hood of his car, before going to place a mysterious tray into the back of the vehicle. 

His wife then enters the bottom left of the screen, holding what appears to be a cat carrier.

All of a sudden, she starts running forward, holding the pet carrier aloft, as a bobcat springs up out of nowhere.


As she screams, her husband immediately stops what he's doing and rushes over to her - the scuffle partly concealed by the parked car. 

We then see that the man has somehow managed to get hold of the bobcat, and holds it up before hurling it across the grass as another person runs over to help, as both shout 'Get out!' and 'Go!' at the animal.

At one point the man exclaims: "I will shoot that f***er!" 

He then warns others, shouting: "Watch out! Watch out! It's a bobcat, it attacked my wife."

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@EdRussoWX

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