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Woman stunned after grocery store asks for 25% tip at checkout
Featured Image Credit: incrediboii/TikTok

Woman stunned after grocery store asks for 25% tip at checkout

A woman was left f***** up after the Tiny Grocer store asked for a 25 per cent tip on a $40 shop

How much is too much when it comes to a customary tip? 25 per cent?

Now, tipping has been a hot topic in the US for decades, with many baffled over tipping culture and questioning why employees aren’t being given a liveable wage instead.

It has even confused numerous tourists who are left slack-jawed over the expectation of tipping after eating at a restaurant.

Paying servers is one thing, but a cashier at a grocery store?

Well, TikTok user @incrediboii has pledged to no longer tip for ridiculous things.

The woman duetted a video where the video display text read: “In 2024, I am no longer unnecessarily tipping.”

But if you were in her position, you might feel the same way.

Incrediboii, aka, Ev posted a clip describing a moment which left her ‘f***** up’.

Ev was stunned by the cashier's request.
TikTok/ incrediboii

The TikToker began: “My boyfriend and I went to this grocery store in Austin called Tiny Grocer, and it’s a bougie grocery store.

“It’s not one that we would ever like usually go to, but we were going for like a date night.”

At the store, the couple only bought a few things that would complete their plans.

The haul consisted of ‘some cheese, some cured meat’ and some wine for their date night.

However, even though they knew the price would be more expensive in a ‘bougie’ store, it wasn’t the price of the food items which shocked them.

They said: “I expected it to be more expensive than your regular grocery store, I think it came out to like 40 bucks, and the cashier rings me up, flips the tablet around and asks for 25 per cent of a tip on a forty dollar grocery bill.”

This was when Ev’s jaw dropped with shock.

The grocery store cashier allegedly asked for a 25% tip.
Instagram/ tinygroceratx

They explained that after being asked for such a large tip, they grabbed their things and began walking back to the car.

They then turned to their boyfriend and said, ‘they just asked for a tip.’

“’They just asked for a ten dollar tip on a forty dollar grocery bill.’”

The TikToker said they were ‘f***** up about it for days’ and are ‘probably still f***** up about it now’.

Their experience at the store left commenters dumbfounded, as a cashier should be paid a basic wage to sit and scan items.

Others also compared it to restaurant servers who are on their feet all day, carrying a number of plates for hours.

One person wrote: “If we don't sit, we don't tip.”

Another commented: “They need to cancel tipping and pay livable wages.”

Someone else shared their own experience of a beautician asking for tips: “My Botox/lip filler NURSE PRACTITIONER had a tipping option. Like what?? You make $125k a year.”

One person claimed that the majority of people don’t actually receive the tip: “Dude I started asking 'Do you get this tip?' And like 50% of the time THEY SAY NO!! Like we are tipping high-ups at this point like NOOOOO.”

UNILAD reached out to the Tiny Grocer for comment.

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