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Man gives reasons why he's not tipping anymore in fiery rant and sparks debate

Man gives reasons why he's not tipping anymore in fiery rant and sparks debate

The TikTok star said he's 'done' tipping

The debate surround tipping culture around the world appears to be rolling on.

While Brits have the reputation as 'stingy tippers', its custom in the US to tip your server, your pizza delivery driver, your doorman and your hairdresser, among hundreds other providers of service.

According to Forbes Magazine, 95 percent of Americans insist they tip at least sometimes.

The standard for tips in the States has stood at an arguably reasonable 20 percent for some years now, with anything less being considered as a cause for concern.

The decline of cash use across the globe since the Covid-19 pandemic however, has seemingly impacted tip rates.

On top of this, as services like Uber Eats and DoorDash become commonplace in society, the question of whether tipping is still necessary, or has become rather ambiguous, has been brought back up again.

And one TikTok star has refused to hold back when it comes to his opinion on paying a little extra for commercial services provided.

Dustin's admission has sparked a mixed reaction from viewers.

Social media user Dustin Anderson has proudly declared that he's part of the 18 percent of people that claimed in a recent survey that they feel awkward about tipping at all, admitting he's 'done' with it.

"I’m not tipping anymore. I’m out, I’m done,” he told his followers in a recent video.

"It used to be you give a tip if somebody gave exceptional service. When’s the last time you’ve had exceptional service?"

Dustin went on: "It’s just expected. They bring you a bill at the end and they’re like, ‘Here, just fill this out, ‘20 percent, 25 percent’ like, no, you did your job!

"They made food and you carried it to my table. You got me a diet Coke, thank you.

"That’s doing your job. You don’t get 25 percent because you did your job."

Tipping is still a controversial topic.
Getty/Olga Rolenko

Insisting that he's 'not the bad guy', he continued to ask: "What does it cost for me to get my food and also to keep the waiting staff from having to join a cartel?

"Like, I want people to be taken care of. Just tell me what it costs."

The clip has since gone viral, accumulating a colossal 1.4 million views since it was posted last Saturday (11 November), and has triggered a huge debate in the comment section.

Some viewers went on to tell Dustin that tipping is 'just what you do' for services being provided to you, others agreed with him, that tipping had become 'out of control'.

One penned: "I don’t mind tipping at restaurants but at Subway, the car wash, bars, nail salons… it’s everywhere."

Viewers had a mixed reaction.
Getty/Peter Dazeley

Another agreed: "I’m a nurse and I never get a tip. It’s my job and 75 percent of the time people are yelling at us."

Others, however - many revealing they currently work in the service industry - emphasised how important it is for them to receive tips, with it often guaranteeing their survival.

"He’s obviously never been a waiter because tips is how they make their living," a commenter wrote. "They’re paid on that basis."

Another suggested that Dustin 'make sure you tell your server before you order so they can focus on their other tables'.

They added: "Don’t expect a refill, or your ranch or your plate cleared."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@therealdustinanderson

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