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People have all had the same reaction as Subway launches its first 3-inch sandwich

People have all had the same reaction as Subway launches its first 3-inch sandwich

Bet you can see where this is heading

People have all had the same reaction after Subway launched its first 3-inch sandwich.

Subway, also known as the home of the Footlong, has caught the attention of the internet after it revealed some of its branches would be rolling out the brand-new 'mini' sub.

The fast-food chain told customers the latest addition to the menu would offer 'hunger at value' and let's just say social media users haven't held back with their jokes.

The internet all had the same reaction to Subway's three-inch sub.
SOPA Images / Contributor

While the chain is famed for its Footlong and six-inch offerings, the new three-inch budget butty marks the first time Subway has launched a mini version globally.

The tiny sandwich, similar to the size of a slider, was launched last month to various branches in Pakistan in a hopes to tackle inflation.

Ankur Shukla, a South Asia expert at Bloomberg Economics, explained that while Pakistan's headline inflation rate remained fairly stable for a third straight month, this was 'not likely to last'.

He continued: "Price gains are set to pick up again as a weaker rupee drives up import costs and the government increases prices for fuel and utilities to meet the International Monetary Fund’s aid terms."

Subway Pakistan took to Instagram to share the news, with one promo post reading: "Say hello to our NEW Mini Sub! The perfect treat for your snack cravings! Get ready to fall in love with its incredible flavors!"

A second post added: "Our New Mini Sub is the cutest explosion of taste you'll ever experience!" with the slogan 'unleash the mini magic'.

The 'mini sub' was launched last month in various Pakistani Subway stores to combat inflation.

Now, it didn't take long for the jokes to pour in with many social media users rushing in to make comparisons with the new sub size and - drumroll please - penises.

One X, formerly Twitter, user joked: "3 inches? Thats HUGE," to which someone else replied: "Who lied to you?"

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

"Some guys will say it’s 6 inches," penned a second, while a third quipped: "It’s not my fault it's so small babe. It’s inflation!"

Many wisecracked about the sandwich actually being 'too much', with one user commenting: "3 inches that's too much! That could fill anyones stomach!"

"Why they releasing this? I don't think anyone can actually eat that, it's huge," added another.

A third echoed in: "Yo that’s thing’s pretty big. Probably too much even…"

"That's a big a** sandwich damn," chimed in a fourth.

Really taking it to another level, a fifth tweeted: "3 INCHES???? HOLY S**T THAT SANDWICH IS MASSIVE, I'M SURE ANYONE WOULD BE MORE THEN SATISFIED WITH 3 INCHES!"

And the penis jokes didn't stop there.

"I’d say that’s about average," hit out one person, while another agreed: "Yup that's the ideal size!"

Looking for some kind of explanation for the sando's teeny stature, a final X user speculated: "It's just cold, that's all."

Featured Image Credit: Subway/SOPA Images / Contributor

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