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Restaurant gets revenge on influencer after she insisted that she should eat for free

Restaurant gets revenge on influencer after she insisted that she should eat for free

Lucky Ramen & Sushi clapped back at a social media user who asked for free food.

A restaurant has issued a hilarious response after an influencer contacted them asking for freebies.

It's certainly true when they say 'the best things in life are free'... but for one hopeful influencer, things really didn't go her way when she tried to bag a free dinner.

Pan-Asian restaurant Lucky Ramen & Sushi, based in Manchester, UK, took to Instagram earlier this week and blasted a social media star who asked them to provide her with 'free' food.

The bizarre interaction first began when the influencer dropped the eatery's Instagram account a random DM.

One influencer was recently left disappointed when she expected some free sushi.
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The initial direct message from the influencer read: “Hey sorry I know it's short notice but I’m in Manchester tomorrow and looking for somewhere for brunch with my partner, would you be open for a collab with me for a post on my story and page?”

In response, the eatery shared the message on their own account and wrote: “Really?….? Oh, what a surprise! Another thrilling DM from a blue tick superstar asking for a free feast in exchange for an Insta post.

“Because, you know, exposure pays the bills! We’re just thrilled that you appreciate our food but hey, we appreciate paying customers even more!”

Presumably after seeing the restaurants very public response, the influencer sent another DM to the establishment.

“Personally, I think you’re bang out of order. HOW DARE you try and expose us like that,” the anonymous person queried.

“So you think people like us don’t deserve to eat for FREE??? Just in case you didn’t realise, we are doing our best to help and promote you for FREEEE!!!

"We don’t expect much, just a free meal to compensate our time, labour, effort, and positive energy that we are supplying you.”

The Pan-Asian eatery shared the influencers' DM response to their Instagram followers.

The Instagram user continued to say that they would not be ‘coming by’ anytime soon to support the restaurant and that their ‘arrogance’ made them feel ‘sick’.

They concluded their statement by writing: “We go where we want, eat what we want and lastly - it’s all for free! WHOS LAUGHING NOW???”

In a bold move, the brunch restaurant took screenshots of the messages and posted them to their Instagram feed alongside a tongue-in-cheek ‘apology’.

“This follow-up DM is a total game-changer, and guess what? We’re now rolling out the red carpet for all the free meals you desire,” they wrote to their 9,015 followers.

“And that’s not all – our chefs are ready to part ways with their Crocs and Birkenstocks, throwing them in as an extra bonus for your tender love and labour!”

Lucky claimed that their dad’s ‘medal of honour’ from the Japanese war was also up for grabs and asked the influencer to drop them another message when they’re ‘swinging by.

“We appreciate your understanding and, once again, sorry for the ‘inconvenience’ we caused,” they added with a winking-face emoji.

The eatery has since thanked fans for their support and claim they won't be naming the influencer.

Fans of the dining spot have since flocked to the comments section to pledge their support, with one Instagram user writing: “Hey was wondering if I can come in for a free meal. In return I will eat your food.”

“Expose them,” urged a second. “They don’t deserve a following with this type of attitude.”

Another commented: “When will influencers understand to support small. Get your free stuff from corporates, fair enough. But don’t expect it from small businesses. This is wild!”

“They must be broke influencers if they’re begging for a free meal,” typed a fourth. “Name & Shame to return the support.”

In a further response, the team behind Lucky have thanked fans for their support but have claimed they won’t be ‘naming and shaming’ the influencer in question.

They wrote: “We’re not equipped for the whole ‘name and shame gig’. Leaving that for another day - the day they respond!”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lucky_ramenandsushi

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