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Man eating McDonald's items that are 'best in the world' has everyone saying the same thing
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@imsparkzz

Man eating McDonald's items that are 'best in the world' has everyone saying the same thing

Followers watched the content creator try Japanese McDonald's but became 'annoyed' after spotting his habit

A travel vlogger took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the 'best burger in the world' but his comments became flooded with negativity for an unexpected reason.

Travel and food vlogger ImSparkzz (Isaiah Tuuga Lam) took to his Instagram in December to share with his followers his appreciation for Japanese McDonald's, but his following couldn't help but focus on something else while watching.

The creator was complimentary of his McDonald's feast, which makes sense after seeing the menu available for the country.

There's a few things which sound incredible which aren't available in the US, for example, Macaroon Strawberry Milk Butter, Shrimp-o-fillet (which he tries in the clip), Teriyaki Fillet Burger and the Chicken Salt and Lemon burger.

While it's easy to see why the Japanese McDonald's would be preferable, his followers clearly enjoyed watching his content, but couldn't slide by his eating habits...

The menu rarely changes for US customers.
CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images

His comment section was filled with aggravated commenters who felt it 'unnecessary' to eat a burger in three bites, and got irate with his habit of wolfing down each item.

Viewers commented on his speedy eating, with one quipping: "nobody going to steal your food man, just take a normal bite."

Another irritated commenter wrote: "Just take a normal bite, you don't have to shove it all in your mouth every time!"

"Eating a burger in three bits really p*sses me off and idk why," another added.

His followers all said the same thing.

Meanwhile, someone else piped up: "Why do you eat like your in prison and someone is going to steal your jello if you don’t eat it quick.."

And another added: "Why tf you gotta inhale the damn sandwiches…"

Bit harsh, really. Poor guy is just trying to enjoy his McDonald's!

Regardless of the haters, ImSparkzz's videos of him eating McDonald's from other countries have proven popular online, mainly because of the change up to the menus from the typical offerings we're used to here in the US.

The foodie regularly posts video showing off his delicious finds from on his travels including convenience store buys in Tokyo and Five Guys in France.

Safe to say my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Brb, about to go order myself a burger...

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