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Video showing how mayonnaise is made is making people never want to eat it again

Video showing how mayonnaise is made is making people never want to eat it again

The clip showing how mayo is made sparked mixed reactions after being shared on X and Instagram

Fries, sandwiches, chicken, salads - mayonnaise goes with all sorts of food, but learning how it's made might make you want to skip the sauce.

Personally I'm a big fan of a bit of mayo on a sandwich. Garlic mayo, sweet chilli mayo or the classic original, I'll take it all, and I know there are millions of other mayo stans out there with me.

Mayo goes with all sorts of foods. (Getty Stock Photo)
Mayo goes with all sorts of foods. (Getty Stock Photo)

But with its gloopy consistency and eggy ingredients, the mere mention of the condiment is enough to give some people the ick - and after learning how it's made, even the most dedicated mayo-lovers might be put off.

All it would really take to learn about how to make mayonnaise would be a quick glance at the ingredients on the back of the bottle, but one Instagram page stripped things back to the basics as they shared a video titled: "Homemade Mayonnaise in less than 1 minute!"

The post, from the foodie page @bentleeyeats, showed viewers how to make their own mayonnaise by simply blending up the ingredients, typically including at least eggs, oil, mustard and vinegar.

While the end result might be tasty, seeing the process unfold has sparked mixed reactions.

Some viewers were accepting and even tempted by the look of the sauce coming together, with one person writing: "So delicous! The type of egg you use really matters. I like the deep yellow yokes, it almost looks orange."

"non-aesthetic? really?," asked another, adding: "I think emulsification is one of the most beautiful culinary processes on earth."

Other viewers, however, weren't so enamoured with the process.

"learning this in cooking class made me stop eating mayo," one viewer wrote after the video made its way to X.

Mayo or no mayo? (X)
Mayo or no mayo? (X)

Another added: "This is God's way of telling me to stop eating mayonnaise."

"you keep that to yourself i dont need to know about that," wrote a third.

But still, while the process might not be the most appetizing thing in the world, many viewers made clear they'd still be happy to tuck into the sauce once all the ingredients had come together.

"When I found out mayo was nothing but eggs & oil..It didn’t stop me from making one sandwich," one viewer wrote.

I'll probably still enjoy mayo when I have it, but I think I'll leave making it to the professionals for now - I don't need to be messing around with eggs and blenders. I'd rather switch to tomato sauce.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bentleeyeats

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