Five-year-old gets kicked out of school because her parents were a same-sex couple

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Five-year-old gets kicked out of school because her parents were a same-sex couple

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A child from Louisiana has been kicked out of her kindergarten class because her parents are a same-sex couple.

The five-year-old child’s parents, Emily and Jennifer Parker, were notified by the school officials at the Bible Baptist Academy in DeQuincy, that their daughter, Zoey, would no longer be able to attend, according to The Guardian.

The school’s decision came after a meeting with the school director and pastor, who said they do not condone the couple's relationship.

Jennifer told KPLC TV: “We got called into the principal’s office for a meeting, they informed us that Zoey wouldn’t be able to go to school there anymore because of our lifestyle choices.”

The couple adopted the little girl after her father tragically died in an industrial accident in 2020.

Credit: KPLC TV
Credit: KPLC TV

Jennifer added: “She lost her father, she lost her mother and now she’s losing her school which she loves very much.”

Emily, who is Zoey’s aunt, said that after the adoption became official on August 3, the school changed its stance three days later.

Emily said: “The pastor met us in the meeting room and started talking about gender identification, and that they teach the words of the Lord, and that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that they didn't think this was a good fit."

Bible Baptist Academy also issued a statement outlining that the school is ‘committed to instructing and living in accordance with the teachings of Scripture.’

Following the meeting, the couple took to Facebook to voice their outrage, which was met with overwhelming support from the community.

Emily wrote: “BIBLE BABTIST ACADEMY is a disappointment. Calling me and Jennie Parker in for a meeting TWO days before school starts to tell us that they can not educate our child due to the fact that we are a married same sex couple.

“Even though this isn’t her first year to attend..

“You know what you just taught my daughter? How truly judgmental your church is. How unforgiving and unrelenting you are.”

In an update, Emily revealed that Zoey would now attend Hamilton Christian Academy.

She wrote in part: “She has so many more opportunities now. This school was so accepting, they are non denominational, and have many cultures, races, and religions roaming their halls! How amazing!

“She will have music and craft classes, along with sports, dance, and bilingual opportunities. 

"They also mentioned piano teachers that teach after school to help her learn her passion for music! I am so excited for her new journey I just hate how it came about.”

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