Expert Reveals The Trick That Will Stop You Snoozing Your Alarm

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Expert Reveals The Trick That Will Stop You Snoozing Your Alarm

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An expert has revealed the best life hack he knows to guarantee you get out of bed within five seconds of your alarm going off.

The TikToker - who goes by the name USA Medical on the platform - calls the trick the 'Five seconds of power'.

So instead of snoozing your alarm eight times or setting one for every few minutes to avoid oversleeping and running late yet again, then look no further then this fairly simple, but ground-breaking hack.

Check it out:


The expert explained that when you're asleep and your alarm goes off 'you have five seconds to make a decision'.

He said: 'After five seconds have passed, your subconscious has already made its choice on any decision. The moment you hear your alarm, count to five, and believe in your heart on the fifth second, you will get out of bed.'

The TikToker promised that 'no matter how tired or groggy you are, if you make that decision, you will get out of bed'.

'For all of life's simple decisions, decide what you want, then count to five,' he concluded.

Man Explains Waking Up Hack to Get Out Of Bed (@usamedical/TikTok)
Man Explains Waking Up Hack to Get Out Of Bed (@usamedical/TikTok)

USA Medical noted in the comments how he 'learned this from [his] coach in college,' but that the original concept was coined by someone called Mel Robbins who wrote a book called The Five Second Rule.

The post has since amassed over 400,000 views, with one user writing: 'Yes it Works! Counting backwards makes it more powerful.!!!'

Another wrote: 'Me watching this as I’m laying in bed, contemplating……and I’m still laying in bed'.

A third commented: 'It takes me five minutes to even realize the alarm is going off.'

Check out another of the TikToker's hacks below:


The TikToker has also used his platform to give advice to followers about what the best supplements are, share a hack about water retention and speak about 'the most important system in your body'.

If you needed some more sleep hacks, but this time to help you return to peaceful slumber if you've been experiencing some night-time anxiety, then look no further then grabbing yourself a bag of frozen peas.

Users on the platform have also revealed other simple and nifty hacks whether it be how to dry your clothes in just two hours, how to make sure you don't get walked in on in a comprising position in the toilet, or what to do if you ever get pulled over by the police for speeding.

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