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Elon Musk spotted moving into Twitter HQ carrying a kitchen sink

Elon Musk spotted moving into Twitter HQ carrying a kitchen sink

The Tesla boss was full of smiles as he made his way into Twitter HQ with his sink

Elon Musk has never been one to do things the conventional way, and it doesn't look like he plans on changing anytime soon after he was spotted carrying a sink into Twitter HQ.

The billionaire has been involved in a protracted takeover of the social media firm, with legal action being taken over his $44 billion purchase.

And while the big money deal is yet to be made official - a Delaware judge gave Musk until 28 October to complete it - he has already started moving his stuff in.

In footage posted on his Twitter account this afternoon (26 October), the 51-year-old can be seen carrying a white kitchen sink into the firm's lobby.

Posted the short clip, Musk wrote: "Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!"

Musk had agreed earlier this year to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share, but several months later, he seemed to have changed his mind, claiming there were too many bots and spam accounts on the site.

At the time, Twitter sued the Tesla boss over the move.

However, it now appears that they've managed to settle their differences. Well, if they haven't, it's gonna be really awkward getting him to remove his sink, isn't it?

Elon Musk was seen carrying a sink into Twitter HQ.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Musk may be looking to make some major changes to the company once his takeover is complete.

According to documents seen by The Washington Post, Musk wants to let go nearly 75 per cent of Twitter’s 7,500 workers, which will reduce its staff to just over 2,000 people.

However, even if Musk’s agreement isn't finalized, the company still plans to decrease its payroll by USD $800 million (AUD $1.2b or £714m) by the end of next year, which would subsequently cut almost a quarter of its workers.

Bloomberg reported that in April, the tech billionaire told investors in his initial pitch that he planned on laying off a significant portion of the company's staff.

Reporter Kurt Wagner alleged that Musk explained to investors that 'anyone who is a significant contributor should have nothing to worry about'.

The billionaire's takeover of Twitter has been a drawn out process.
Doug Peters/Alamy

But data scientist formerly in charge of Twitter’s spam and health metrics and now CEO of Surge AI, Edwin Chen, said that a mass firing would be detrimental to the platform.

He explained that this move could expose users to harmful content such as child pornography.

He told The Washington Post: "It would be a cascading effect, where you’d have services going down and the people remaining not having the institutional knowledge to get them back up, and being completely demoralized and wanting to leave themselves."

UNILAD contacted Elon Musk and Twitter for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@elonmusk

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