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Donald Trump to announce he’s running for president again
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Donald Trump to announce he’s running for president again

Former US president Donald Trump is to announce he is running for another term very soon.

Donald Trump is to announce next week that he will be running to be the US president again in the next election.

That is according to Trump's long-term advisor Jason Miller, who confirmed the former US president's intentions in a recent podcast.

There had been expectation that Trump would run for president again in 2024, with the Republican being critical of Joe Biden's time in office.

Trump has been on the campaign trailer this week for Republican candidates during the midterm elections.

And during the campaign, the former president had hinted that he would launch his presidential bid soon, saying there would be a 'very big announcement' on Tuesday.

His advisor then reaffirmed this announcement on the War Room podcast, as the top Trump team have reportedly 'pressed him' to go forth with his plans despite the Senate runoff in December, while others want him to hold off, as per The Guardian.

Speaking to a former aide Steve Bannon on the podcast, Miller said: "President Trump is going to announce on Tuesday that he is running for president.

"It’s going to be a very professional, very buttoned-up announcement."

An announcement is expected from the Trump team next week.
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Miller added that Trump told him 'course I am running' for anyone that was questioning whether he would try to reclaim The White House.

Trump's expected announcement comes after a disappointing set of results for many candidates he backed in the midterm elections.

Some Republican-held seats were lost to Democrats, most notably in Pennsylvania, with Trump-endorsed and celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz missing out.

Trump had hoped to ride a Republican 'red wave' that would set him up for a fresh presidential bid, but the party achieved a much smaller win than expected.

Nevertheless, the Republican party is poised for a slim majority in the House of Representatives, with Trump set to press ahead with his announcement next week.

It will be the third time Trump has run for US president after his 2016 victory against Hillary Clinton and his defeat at the hands of Joe Biden four years later.

Donald Trump reportedly plans to run for US president once again.
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Trump's time in office ended in chaos with a mob of supporters attacking the Capitol Building in Washington as they sought to keep him in power.

They planned to prevent a joint session of congress from counting the electoral college votes to formalise Biden's victory.

Trump then organised a huge rally in D.C, where he made false claims about fraudulent votes and told his supporters that they would 'fight like hell'.

According to an investigation done by the January 6th committee, the attack was part of a seven-part plan by Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election result.

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