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Deadly pool at bottom of ocean kills anything that swims into it
Featured Image Credit: Ocean X/Youtube

Deadly pool at bottom of ocean kills anything that swims into it

As if nature couldn't get any scarier

The more we learn about how nature works, the more interesting - and sometimes strange - our world seems.

Just in the past week, we've seen scientists discover a new bone-eating creature and a missing continent being discovered after 375 years.

But how about a pool at the bottom of the ocean that kills anything that goes anywhere near it?

It's just one more reason to be terrified of the ocean.

Back in 2022, scientists discovered the pool at the bottom of the Red Sea, with

Professor Sam Purkis at the forefront as a leading member of the team who made the terrifying discovery at the University of Miami.

The enormous brine pool at the bottom of the Red Sea kills anything that swims into it.

According to the professor, the brine is devoid of oxygen meaning that ‘any animal that strays into the brine is immediately stunned or killed’.

Of course, these terrifying brine pools at the bottom of the sea are terrible news for unexpected fishes.

However, it is the complete opposite for predators, who Purkis said ‘feed on the unlucky’.

Speaking about the University of Miami’s finding to Live Science, Purkis also said that the discovery could help scientists work out how oceans on our planet formed millions of years ago.

"Our discovery of a rich community of microbes that survive in extreme environments can help trace the limits of life on Earth and can be applied to the search for life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond," he explained.

The pool could be beneficial towards studying how oceans came to be.

"Until we understand the limits of life on Earth, it will be difficult to determine if alien planets can host any living beings."

Despite their ungodly appearance and ability to murder anything that gets close, brine pools are actually rich in biodiversity.

“At this great depth, there is ordinarily not much life on the seabed." Purkis continued. "However, the brine pools are a rich oasis of life. Thick carpets of microbes support a diverse suite of animals,"

Purkis and his team made their discovery at a depth of 1,770m using a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV).

He revealed that they came across the brine pool during the last five minutes of a ten-hour dive.

The pool was discovered in The Red Sea.
Lloyd Cuff/Getty stock image

Not only are brine pools void of oxygen and full of lethal saline levels (hence animals dying when they come into contact with the pools), they can also contain toxic chemicals like hydrogen sulphide.

These brine solutions quite literally pickle animals alive, and researchers once found a crab inside a brine pool that - despite likely having been dead for eight years - still had its soft tissue intact.

However, the edges of brine pools are often lined with mussels because the molluscs contain symbiotic chemosynthetic bacteria that utilises the high quantities of methane found in brine pools and turns it into carbon sugar.

Frightening stuff.

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