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Dangerous Heat Dome Across US Could See Record-Breaking Temperatures

Dangerous Heat Dome Across US Could See Record-Breaking Temperatures

Some extremely high temperatures and scorching-hot weather are being forecast across parts of the US.

Southwestern parts of the United States are set to experience sweltering and potentially record-breaking temperatures in the coming days.

The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams gave viewers an indication of what is come, with some of the hottest conditions expected across parts of Texas, where an excessive heat warning is in place.

Several all-time records could be broken in Texas today, with Midland set to reach 106° Fahrenheit (41° Celsius). The town has not seen a temperature that high since 1964, while San Angelo is set be even higher with a maximum of 108° Fahrenheit (42° Celsius) expected. The record for San Angelo 107°.

Among the ‘coolest’ places in the state is Waco, but the locals will still be leaving their cardigans in the closets, with a high of 99° Fahrenheit (37° Celsius) forecast.

Abrams provided a musical twist to the forecast, showcasing her knowledge of The Beatles and Ace of Base. ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ was released by the Fab Four in 1964 – the last time that Midland experienced 106° heat. ‘The Sign’ by Ace of Base was released in 1994, coincidentally when San Angelo recorded their previous record high of 107°.

I am sure we are all waiting with bated breath for similar musical comparisons when the likes of Laura Tobin, Tomasz Schafernaker and Louise Lear present the weather over here – not likely, but you never know.

Aside from the focus of the hot weather in Texas, an excessive heat watch is in place for parts of Nevada and Arizona, which includes the major US cities of Las Vegas and Phoenix.

These are two of the hottest places in the US, with temperatures regularly soaring past 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celsius) during the summer months.

Several records could be set, considering the figures involved (

But not everywhere will be experiencing the hot and sunny conditions, with several places further north of the jet stream set for thunderstorms, hail and even tornados.

Parts of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Oklahoma are among the places that could be battered by severe weather in the coming days.

Those places lie to the north of where the jet stream is currently positioned in the US, which acts as a barrier between the settled and stormy weather conditions.

No such excitement in the weather here, as this writer looks out on a cloudy and dreary June day in England.

Oh well, at least it’s not 108°!

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