Customers Make Server Play 'Humiliating' Game For Tip Money Causing Debate

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Customers Make Server Play 'Humiliating' Game For Tip Money Causing Debate

A TikTok user in the United States has divided opinion after sharing footage of them asking a waiter to play a game to determine how much of a tip they would get.

Giving a tip is typically common practise in restaurants and this is especially the case in US, where a large part of servers' earnings come from the tips they receive from customers.

It's usually recommended to leave a tip of about 15-20 percent, meaning the amount of money you offer is dependent on the amount you have spent on the meal. But a TikToker who goes by the handle @katizahlee decided to let her server choose the figure for her tip herself - sort of.


See the video below:


In the clip, a group of customers including @katizahlee told their waiter to turn her back while they laid out five bank notes on the table.

The offerings included a $5, $10, $50 note along with two others, presumably a $1 and a $20. It's unclear how much the customers spent on the meal and therefore how much tip might be expected, but I think it's safe to say the waiter would not have been too happy if she'd ended up grabbing a bill on the smaller end of the percentage scale.


Thankfully she ended up picking the $50, what looked to be the biggest offering on the table, and it seemed to be much more than what she expected as she asked the customers, 'are you serious? oh my gosh'.

The customers responded to say she could keep the cash despite the waiter saying she felt 'bad for keeping' all of the money, with one of them saying they were going to 'bless' her.

'I love you guys so much, thank you', the waiter said.

Customers making waiter choose tip (@katizahlee/TikTok)
Customers making waiter choose tip (@katizahlee/TikTok)

Though she seemed happy with the tip, social media users weren't so sure about the exchange when watching the video on TikTok. Some criticised the TikToker for sharing the footage of her 'blessing' the waiter, while others said the customers shouldn't have made the waiter play a game for her tip.

'Yeah im not ok with tricks. just bless ppl without needing to record or perform', one person wrote, while another commented: 'if y'all wanted to bless her so badly just give her the $50 and move on.'

Though not everyone was impressed, a TikToker who claimed to be the waiter herself responded to the video to say she 'appreciate[d] the generosity' and 'was very grateful' for the tip.

She added: 'I personally don't mind the games, it makes it fun. they could read me enough to know I wouldn't be annoyed about the game. please don't critique a good deed. i was blessed on a slow day.'


It would be interesting to know whether the waiter would have felt quite as blessed if she picked the $1, but thankfully we don't need to worry about that!

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Featured Image Credit: @katizahlee/TikTok

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