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Cruise ship says passengers can live on board for an entire year for just $30,000
Featured Image Credit: Life at Sea Cruises. Kumar Sriskandan / Alamy Stock Photo

Cruise ship says passengers can live on board for an entire year for just $30,000

If you're sick of paying rent and being caught up in the humdrum of your neighborhood then this could be a big opportunity.

Sun-seekers all over can now live out their holiday fantasies and take up residence on a cruise ship for an entire year at a time.

Dubbed the 'Ultimate Bucket List World Cruise', customers can live on board the ship complete with 'world class' features for just $30,000 a year.

With pretty much all amenities included in the price - people can't get over the 'world's first' deal of its kind.

Life at Sea Cruises is giving customers the opportunity to set sail with the world's first cruise to venture all around the world.

The vessel is now accepting reservations for an incredible three-year world cruise that is scheduled to cover more than 130,000 miles to visit 375 ports across 135 countries.

Live it up on the pool deck.
Life at Sea Cruises

With those numbers, it's no wonder why they've called it the 'Bucket List' trip of a lifetime.

Prospective cruisers can now get into that holiday spirit for years at a time with the official company's website beckoning customers: "Come onboard for a first of its kind 3-Year World Cruise aboard the beautifully revitalised MV Gemini."

Championing the ethos of all things adventure, luxury and life-affirming, the company wants you to 'break the routine, renew your life and explore new horizons'.

And, there's no issue for those who work from home as the MV Gemini is totally kitted out to be anyone's travelling office.

According to the website, the ship explains can accommodate 'office duties from anywhere in the world' with ultra-fast 'Starlink' WiFi.

"We have developed a first of its kind Business Center at sea with two meeting rooms, 14 offices, a business library, relaxing lounge and a café," the company website reads.

It add that the Business Center also comes fitted with screens, conference equipment, wifi, printers and staff 'ready to assist'.

The website promises: "Making money at sea has never been easier, and with the Tax Benefits of an International Residence, you may keep more of what you earn!"

How's this for an office?
Life at Sea Cruises

Spanning seven continents, destination stops include visiting visit 13 of the 14 Wonders of the World - promising 'an experience like no other'.

"From exotic beaches to bustling cities, adventure or relaxation, we have it all," the website adds.

With room for up to 1,074 passengers, you may be wondering what on earth people will do to fill their time between work shifts and destination stops.

Well, for a start, the ship is complete with everything you'd need in your day-to-day life.

Equipped with a fitness centre and 24-hour on-call hospital to a golf simulator and 'enrichment seminars' - there's no way you'll long for home aboard this vessel.

The cruise will also provide entertainment alongside a state-of-art spa and wellness centre, a sun deck, swimming pool, auditorium and a salon for guests to unwind and relax.

The package comes with a load of other amenities are included within the price such as; all essentials, 'world class' local cuisine and a wash-fold laundry service to name a few.

The 'reasonably priced' cost per room is a little under $30,000 per person for each year, or $180,000 for all three years for two people.

Life at Sea Cruises wrote: "We have thought of everything you need on an everyday basis to live your life to its fullest.

"All you need, included in a single package."

They've really taken the phrase 'all-inclusive' to a whole new level.

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