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You can live on a cruise ship for just $83 a day
Featured Image Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

You can live on a cruise ship for just $83 a day

You'll even get to see 13 Wonders of the World while on away

While many of us are used to holidays lasting a couple of weeks at most, one cruise company is offering you the chance to live it up for YEARS.

Life at Sea Cruises has announced it’s now accepting reservations for an incredible three-year world cruise that is set to cover more than 130,000 miles to visit 375 ports across 135 countries.

The ‘bucket list’ trip is aboard the ‘beautifully revitalized’ 19,000-ton MV Gemini, which has room for up to 1,074 passengers.

The ship boasts everything from a fitness centre and 24-hour on-call hospital to a golf simulator and 'enrichment seminars', along with various entertainment and performance options.

There's also a state-of-art spa and wellness centre, where guests can enjoy massages, facials, yoga and meditation classes, meaning you'll be able to use your time at sea to truly unwind.

How's this for an office?
Life at Sea Cruises

Spanning seven continents, the cruise will let passengers visit 13 of the 14 Wonders of the World, and departs from Istanbul, Turkey, on 1 November, from Barcelona, Spain, on 5 November and from Miami, US, on 16 November, promising ‘an experience like no other’.

Live it up on the pool deck.
Life at Sea Cruises

"From exotic beaches to bustling cities, adventure or relaxation, we have it all," the Life at Sea Cruises website says of its 'ultimate adventure'.

The trip takes passengers on a journey through 'the bustling cities of South America to the pristine wilderness of Antarctica', the 'warm sunshine and turquoise waters of the Caribbean and Central America', the 'diverse beauty and rich cultures of North America and Hawaii', the 'rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and experiences' of North Asia, the 'mesmerizing landscapes of the South Pacific and Australia', and much more.

The MV Gemini.
Life at Sea Cruises

Prices start from $29,999 per year, including all taxes and fees, depending on the size and location of the cabin you’re after, with the website adding: “Come onboard for a first of its kind 3-Year World Cruise aboard the beautifully revitalized MV Gemini.

“The first reasonably priced, all-inclusive world cruise starting from only $29,999 per year that will cover over 130,000 miles across all 7 continents and 135 countries.”

According to StreetEasy's, the average cost of a renting in New York City last year was $3,207 a month - or $38,484 a year.

"From exotic beaches to bustling cities, adventure or relaxation, we have it all."
Life at Sea Cruises

I know which one I'd prefer.

The company also points out that the cruise is a perfect option for those who are able to work remotely in a post-pandemic world, saying global Star-Link Wi-Fi is available on board - the price of which is included in the cost.

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