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Female prison guard filmed 'having sex with inmate' sparks police investigation

Female prison guard filmed 'having sex with inmate' sparks police investigation

A woman has been arrested after the viral video was reportedly filmed at Wandsworth prison

Police have launched an investigation after a female prison guard appeared to be filmed having sex with an inmate.

The footage, which was allegedly captured at HMP Wandsworth, featured a woman wearing uniform.

It begins with her appearing to perform a sex act on an unidentified prisoner.

The explicit footage then continues with the guard having sex with the prisoner, as a fellow cellmate films it on his phone.

Footage of the cell also sees a TV and piles upon piles of clothes heaped over a bunk bed.

The friend who is filming the footage says: "Guys we've made history, this is what I'm telling you," as he's also smoking.

The video was allegedly filmed at Wandsworth prison.

Meanwhile, the prison guard's radio is left on the side table, which can be constantly heard crackling as her colleagues speak, completely unaware of what is going on in the cell.

Someone does try to get into the cell at one point, though they are stopped in their tracks as the man filming tells the person on the other side of the door to 'give me a minute, one second'.

Despite that, the prisoner filming tells his pal to continue with the guard before he adds: "This is how we live in Wandsworth."

The video has since gone viral on social media, which has led to a police investigation.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “Staff corruption is not tolerated and the former prison officer allegedly featured in this video has been reported to the police.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while they investigate.”

A Met Police spokesperson told UNILAD: "A police investigation was launched on 28 June after officers were made aware of a video allegedly filmed inside HMP Wandsworth.

"A woman was arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office on 28 June. She has been taken into police custody.

"Enquiries continue. We remain in close contact with the Ministry of Justice."

It appeared to be film in a cell. (Facebook)
It appeared to be film in a cell. (Facebook)

UNILAD has contacted HM Prison Service for further comment.

Ian Acheson, a former prison governor, has said the footage raises serious concerns about security within prisons.

He told the MailOnline: "If this footage is authentic and I've been assured it is, the problems confronting a likely new Labour administration go far beyond overcrowding.

"This is a national law enforcement agency. The idea that recruits to it would even contemplate let alone participate in sex acts is a stunning indictment of the utter chaos inside this prison. It won't be an isolated incident.

"The state is no longer in charge here. The security implications and corruption threat is obvious and as explicit as the flagrant acts. The widespread infiltration of illicit mobile phones will mean that this footage is seen by huge numbers of prisoners."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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