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Chilling detail emerges about shallow grave where Jesse Baird and Luke Davies were found
Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Chilling detail emerges about shallow grave where Jesse Baird and Luke Davies were found

The bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies were found on Tuesday after being stuffed inside surfboard bags

A chilling details has emerged about the discovery of the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.

Their bodies were found by police on Tuesday, over a week after their deaths.

Beau Lamarre-Condon, who is currently in police custody, has now decided to co-operate with the authorities.

Lamarre-Condon has been accused of shooting the couple with his police-issued Glock pistol in Sydney on February 19.

He has also been stood down from his role as a senior constable with the New South Wales police without pay.

The search to find the missing men ended up lasting for a week.

Since their discovery, one chilling detail has come to light about how they were found.

Police have alleged that Lamarre-Condon buried the pair in a shallow grave along a fence line around 180km south-west of Sydney.

They were located next to the entrance of the Greek Orthodox Holy Monastery of Saint Fanourios church.

Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.
Instagram/ @jessebairddd

But the location of the bodies means that police would have passed by them several times on their way to search another property located about 20 minutes south, the Daily Mail reports.

On Wednesday after the bodies were discovered, police began searching through the site for any additional evidence.

A number of items which were found near to the bodies have been taken in.

Mr Baird's family travelled in from interstate and visited the scene under police guard. They spent around 15 minute with the body of Mr Baird before leaving.

The heartbroken friends of Mr Baird and Mr Davies later gathered at Bronte Beach to hold a vigil for them.

Their bodies were later transported to Lidcombe morgue, located in west Sydney.

Last Friday, Lamarre-Condon handed himself in at Bondi Police Station. On Friday he was charged with counts of murder.

People have paid tribute to both Mr Baird and Mr Davies.

Loved ones held a vigil for the pair.

Narelda Jacobs from Australia's Channel 10, a colleague of Mr Baird, struggled as she gave the breaking news bulletin announcing that Lamarre-Condon had been charged with murder.

She said: "They are both much-loved men with a wide circle of loved ones, family and friends who adore them.

"Luke of course has an enormously supportive workforce at Qantas – he was a flight attendant – and the same for Jesse at the AFL and here at Channel 10."

She later posted a tribute on Instagram, saying: “Honouring these two beautiful men on the darkest of days. Forever in our hearts Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.

“This devastating news was delivered through a trembling voice moments after the allegations were made by police.

“My thoughts are with Jesse and Luke’s families and their friends and colleagues at Channel 10, the AFL and Qantas. Our hearts are broken.”

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