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Gypsy Rose Blanchard admits being on drugs when she planned her mom's murder
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Good Morning America

Gypsy Rose Blanchard admits being on drugs when she planned her mom's murder

The 32-year-old has shed new light on the circumstances surrounding her mom's death

Gypsy Rose Blanchard has shed new light on the circumstances surrounding her mom's murder in her first TV interview since being released from prison.

The 32-year-old was locked up for seven and a half years for her role in the killing of Clauddine 'Dee Dee' Blanchard, while her then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn was sentenced to life in jail for stabbing her to death.

She had been a victim of 'Munchausen syndrome by proxy', a form of abuse where a parent or guardian exaggerates or induces sickness in a child for sympathy and attention.

During her trial, Gypsy said that her mother told people she was terminally ill, forced her to use a wheelchair and an oxygen tank, shaved her head and forced her to undergo surgeries she did not need.

She also alleged that Dee Dee tricked doctors into diagnosing and treating her for conditions such as leukemia, which she didn't actually have.

Gypsy secretly struck up a relationship online with Godejohn and the pair began to plot how to murder her mom - which later occurred in June 2015.

The supposedly wheelchair-bound young woman walked into court when she was later convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison, while her ex was slapped with a life-sentence without parole.

Gypsy Rose said her mom 'wasn't a monster'.

Gypsy was granted release last month and has now found a new lease of life with husband Ryan Scott Anderson - seeing her brag about her sex life on the internet while also hitting back at ‘jealous’ hate comments criticizing her partner.

She has also sat down with Good Morning America host Deborah Roberts to discuss her journey and her new docuseries, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, which is airing on LifeTime TV this week.

Gypsy said that she 'didn't want her [mom] dead', but simply 'wanted out of my situation' and thought that killing Dee Dee was the only way to escape.

Looking back at old photographs from her childhood, she said: "I don't even associate with that little girl anymore."

She opened up about Dee Dee's death during her first TV interview.

The former inmate also opened up about how she was hooked on painkillers and said she was high while she planned her mother's death with Godejohn - although she does not blame the drugs for her actions.

She told the presenter: "This is really hard to talk about because it took me down a really dark path, but I felt like it was my only way to cope for a time.

"I don’t blame drugs. I don’t blame anything. I don’t make excuses."

Gypsy said she has been sober for four years and no longer 'feels the need' to use now.

Despite years of abuse, she added: "I don’t believe my mother was a monster. She had a lot of demons herself that she was struggling with.

"I share my story to be a cautionary tale so that the next person that might be in a situation like mine, they don’t take the route that I did."

While Gypsy is now freed from jail, Godejohn remains behind bars for the foreseeable.

As a result, Gypsy was asked in the Good Morning America interview: "Is it fair that he is incarcerated for life for killing your mum and you’re out?"

She replied: "Well, I’m sure that we both have a lot of regrets. All I can really say is that I did my time, [and] he’s doing his time for his part. And I wish him well on his journey."

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